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HELP!! The drivers side door on my car wont close?

Okay so today was the first really cold day of the year. When going to open my car door, I practically had to yank it open because it was frozen shut. When I got in my car and tried to close the door, it would not close. It seemed as if something was jammed in the latch. I drive a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire.

It looked something like this:

I had to tie the door shut so I could drive home. How can I fix this???? What could have caused this??? It is starting to get very cold and I would appreciate it if my door would close!!

Thank you so much!!!!


Could the cold weather have anything to do with this?

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  • Gary
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    You need to unlatch catch on door, lift outside door handle and put your finger in latch part on door post and flip latch back open. This is what keeps door shut closing around pin on frame. Common problem especially if door is slightly out of line with pin. Easy fix if my explanation is clear enough.

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  • philo
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    The "capture mechanism" on your door has frozen interior the closed place no longer allowing your door to latch. I lived in Alaska and can ensue various circumstances a 300 and sixty 5 days. Take a flathead screwdriver and circulate the little Hook element on your door returned to the open place and close your door. it in many circumstances happens to me almost immediately after washing vehicle in wintry climate.

  • 9 years ago

    take a screwdriver and push on the metal tab and see if it rolls back.

    it can go back and click.

    if it clicks push screwdriver in and pull up on the handle while prying out (towards interior of car) it will simulate opening door

    get some lithium grease spray and spray all in between those 3 screws also put some around your gasket on the door to try to keep your door from freezing

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes cold weather makes car parts stick! first lift the inside door handle as if your getting out DON'T force it! if that doesn't do it see if you can warm it up, put it in a garage or something don't use fire.

    also don't use WD-40 it's got water in it. use PB rust buster it will remove the water and get it lubed up.

    Source(s): 35 years of working on cars
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  • 9 years ago

    the cold will never effect opening and closing your door..

    try spraying w d 40 and open and close if that does not work swap out pins or your door need to b aligned

  • 9 years ago

    Your hinge pins are probably wearing out. You need to got to a mechanic for that.

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