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Should i play tennis?! (:?

heythere .

soo right now i am a freshman at my highschool am on the swim&dive team .

it's a winter sport.

I also wanna do a sport in the spring,and since 4th grade i had planned on playing soccer(i was really into it and played club for a couple years)

but last year i had to take the season off because of my foot(i had bad foot problems/:)

i really missed playing it, but yahh know, life goes on.

Soo this year I was thinking of trying out for soccer but it's SUPER competetive and i'm scared i'm not going to make it. Also, I can't make the conitioning for it because of swimming(i have practice everyday) My parents have always wanted me to play tennis(both of them played and my brother and sister as well and all of them were like state ranked)

I played when i was little and hated it (i sat on the court,haha) but when ive played recently for fun ive loved it (:

my parents said they put me in it too early for me to understand (i was like 6..) and that everyone says i have a natural ablity for it. My dad is also gonna give me lessons.Everyone makes the JV team soo im not worried about making it i just don't know. should i play? it kinda changes my whole highschool years ahead soo i don't wanna make the wrong choice yah know. please help (:

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    Well if you don't mind playing competitively, you should definitely play. Tennis is such a fun sport. Singles and Doubles have a million different things you could do. In singles you get this one on one feeling. It just you and them. I get heated up whenever I think about it. Swimming/diving/soccer are great sports to play altogether. They will give you flexible and strong ligaments and muscles. This could help incredibly in tennis. Remember that tennis is also a team sport. Don't stretch yourself too thin. I knew someone who played soccer and tennis. She was great until she was skipping tennis matches to go to swim meets.

    Tennis is an incredible sport. You hit, run, fall, scrape, get up again, run again, hit again, and just keeps on going until you find it in yourself to hit a winner. There's such a feeling of accomplishment in tennis because you know that its just you. Doubles is exactly the same, as long you don't completely despise your partner lol.

    Good Luck and play which ever you love most. My vote is obviously for tennis =]

    Source(s): I love tennis. Need ask any more?
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    Well Tennis is unlike many sports. It is lots of fun, but it takes serious dedication. In the beginning its all footwork and form, and it gets drilled into your head and it may seem a pain in the beginning. Once you hit that wall and pass all the hard work, it seems like it comes naturally. Tennis though is all about precision, hand eye coordination and intellect. If you were to check how many of your Varsity players were "AP" or "honor roll" students, it would be 90% of them. Your mind has lots and lots to do on the court, just as much as your racket. Using your mind alone can cause you to use 50% less stamina and strength in one game. I'm just saying, if you are wanting to take this sport down the road, just make sure its the right one. It's very competitive and very fun but lots of handwork to become good. Plus its great exercise. By practicing and playing a set each day, you could be running around 5 miles without even realizing it. Hope you pick it up!

    Source(s): Playing tennis for 10 years.
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    I asked this question a while back, and the answers I got varied. CONCLUSION: Table tennis doesn't help your tennis. Why? Because in tennis the court is at least 10 times as long and wide, meaning you have to smack the ball harder. WAY HARDER. And with the serve and everything, you can't compare the two sports together.

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    Why not go for it? It sounds like you'll make it and become good. Plus fewer people means you get closer to your teammates. Not only that but as an individual sport you can progress faster

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  • 10 years ago

    you can play tennis

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