Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning?

Who's the better QB? I'm of the opinion that the ultimate goal of football, or any sport for that matter, is to win the championship game (in the NFL, the Super Bowl).

Given that, Brady seems like the only logical choice since he has won 3 Super Bowls already, compared just one win for Manning, in a game in which he was arguably the worst player on the offense. Brady has not only managed to win more rings, but has done so playing in 4 less seasons than Manning has.

Still not convinced? How about head-to-head matchups, where Brady has won 7 of the 11 games between their respective teams. Also consider that if the four less seasons Tom Brady has played in had been on par with his career average, we would be only 4 career Touchdowns behind Manning, and that he throws fewer interceptions than Manning.

I think if you want to win, you want Tom Brady, and if you want to put up flashy numbers, you go with Peyton Manning.

What do you all think?


Aaron: That's about the level of logic and reason I've come to expect from the "Peyton Manning is Jesus" crowd. Way to go...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Peyton Manning sir.....

    He is the ONLY 4 time MVP.

    He is the ONLY quarterback to pass for 40,000 yards in a decade.

    He is the ONLY quarterback to ever start 13-0 twice. No other team has even done that in their ENTIRE history!

    He's made it to the playoffs for 8 straight years, going on 9 if he makes it this year. That's another NFL record. No other team has ever done that.

    He's won at least 12 games for the past 8 years straight. No other team has ever done that.

    He holds the record for most passer-receiver receptions with a single wide receiver. Even topping Montana and Rice. And he's looking to accomplish that feat again with Wayne. He's probably going to set the record twice with two different receivers!

    He set the record for most wins of any team in one decade. The 49ers or Pats couldn't touch that.

    He set the record for most consecutive regular season wins.

    Last year he could have gone a perfect 16-0 if the coach hadn't pulled the starters. They were ahead against the Jets when they played them. And they later beat them in the playoffs. That left the last place Buffalo Bills to have a perfect 16-0 season. Totally doable.

    It took Tom Brady playing two more full games to beat Peyton's NFL record of 49 touchdown passes in a season. And Brady only beat it by 1 touchdown. If Peyton hadn't been sat the last two games, he'd have likely been about 5-6 touchdowns ahead of the mark Brady set.

    Favre may hold a number of records, but Peyton Manning is on pace to shatter those records by a long shot, having far better averages every year over Favre.

    Look down the list of quarterbacks and no matter how hard you look you won't find a single quarterback that has a better percentage of 10 or 12 win seasons or better.

    Peyton holds the record for most comebacks in a season - 7.

    Peyton holds the record for the largest 4th quarter comeback. He scored about 28 points in about the last 3.5 minutes of a game against Tampa.

    He holds the record for the largest AFC Championship comeback ever.

    He won the 2006 Super Bowl with the lowest ranked defense to ever win a Super Bowl.

    And look what he did last year. He loses his head coach, Coach Dungy. He lose his # 1 wide receiver. And he loses his new # 2 wide receiver. That leaves him with a 4th Round 2009 Rookie and a 2008 6th round wide receiver that sat all but one game the year before. And he starts off 14-0, sets the record for most consecutive regular season games without a loss and goes all the way to the Super Bowl!

    He may not have as many Super Bowl rings as some other quarterbacks. But nobody has ever set the bar so high as Peyton Manning as a quarterback. There's a reason why when they ask defensive players and coaches from other teams about Peyton Manning that time and time again guys like Ray Lewis, Bill Belichick, etc say he's the best.

    Gruden just Monday said Manning was the best and that he just loves watching him. He said he's just amazing and he learns so much just by watching him. Heck, I remember Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinco even saying they headed to Indianapolis and bought tickets and sat in the stands just to learn off Peyton. Drew Brees came down to watch Peyton play to learn off of him and kept him as a mentor throughout his start in the NFL and at New Orleans.

    Coach Mora said that Peyton even when he knew him in high school was amazing. He said Peyton practiced with the Saints when his dad was head coach of the Saints. He said even back then Peyton was a better than the starting quarterback for the Saints. A high school player...better than a pro starting quarterback!

    I think that we as fans don't really realize just how extremely good Peyton Manning is and how we may never see a quarterback like that again in our lifetime. I think many of the NFL defensive players know that. If you really heard what the players and coaches say that have played against and with Peyton. I think your opinion would change. He exploits the weaknesses of a team like no other quarterback ever has. Most coaches will tell you. It's very hard to fool Peyton Manning. And if you do, you won't fool him for long.

    Eli's teammates when they met him were all fans of Peyton and were excited talking to him. Eli told them "Don't he's just pumping you for info. And he's not going to give you any in return."

  • 5 years ago

    Ryan's comments are 1 of the more boneheaded comments you will see. Are you high? Peyton Manning had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne for the duration of their careers. Harrison and Wayne are #7 and #8 in career yards in NFL history. You said Moss makes Brady look good!!. Brady has played in 5 Super Bowls to Manning's 2. Sorry Ryan, Super Bowl rings count. Knocking Manning out of the playoffs to get to those Super Bowls and win counts. Watch Brady's feet in the pocket compared to Manning's. Brady has the same footwork as Montana. As a matter of fact New England will get to the Super Bowl again this year. It is late November and Brady is spreading the ball around with a running back by committee system. In reality Marino changed the game and played in an era where defensive backs could have their way with wr. Marino playing in todays soft NFL that protects the QB like a pillow would throw for 6,000 yards

  • 5 years ago

    In Brady's eleven seasons as a starter, the Patriots have earned five trips to the Super Bowl, winning three. He has also won two Super Bowl MVP awards, has been selected to eight Pro Bowls, and holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single regular season. His career postseason record is 17–7; his playoff win total is the highest in NFL history. He also helped set the record for the longest consecutive win streak in NFL history with 21 straight wins over two seasons (2003–04), and in 2007 he led the Patriots to the first undefeated regular season since the institution of the 16-game schedule. Brady has the third highest career passer rating of all time (96.6) among quarterbacks with at least 1,500 career passing attempts. In 2012, Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to lead his team to 10 division titles. Just sayin'!

  • 6 years ago

    Tom Brady's overall teams was the reason he won the super bowl in the early 2000s. Hes a great QB with great mechanics but Peyton had nothing back then thats why he couldnt beat Brady all those times. Now it seems like that has switched. Peyton has all these great skill positions with him and Brady only really has Gronk. Ehh I would still go with Peyton though

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  • Tina
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    4 years ago

    They are really close. I would say Brady because he has done it with less talented receivers in the past . But honestly there are only 2 teams in the NFL that don't want either one of them. And I personally think McNabb can do similar things with terrible rec. But Manning was successful when Indy had a horrible defense. A problem Brady hasn't seen.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I agree Tom Brady has accomplished more in his career, but I personally think Peyton Manning is a better QB to have for a play. No doubt about it, Brady has won more and accomplished more, but if you had one play where you needed the job done, I would go with manning, who is better in a situation.

    My best example is fourth quarter comebacks. Peyton Manning has 31 4th quarter comeback wins, tied with Montana, and Manning has played two seasons less than Montana. One of them I remeber most destinctively is the Colts-Pats game last year. Manning was down by 17 points in the 4th quarter, and with 5 minutes left down by 14. Tom Brady had a chance to put the game away when they were up by 7 on a 4th and 1 play. Tom Brady threw it to Welker, who didn't get the yardage. Manning came back and scored with a mere 17 seconds left. How can you say Manning wasn't a better QB in that situation?

    Also, look at what Peyton Manning has. He has had to deal with ENTIRELY new offensive lines, entirely new recievers, and changes in the entire offense (with a running back that isn't necessarily the top in th NFL). Are Garcon, Collie, and Wayne good recievers? Definitely! But if they had say... Donovan McNabb throwing to them would they be very good? Probably not. And with the offensive line. Either the Colts have the Godly power to get a monster offensive line every year, or manning is really good. Look at the sacks. I don't remember seeing Peyton Manning get sacked in forever... He ALWAYS gets rid of it. Tom Brady? I seem to remember a particular super bowl where he was taken down with 30 seconds and a 3 point deficit, and more common week-to-week cases.

    Tom Brady could be a better QB overall, but things like the 4th quarter comeback stats make Manning a bit better. Plus, Manning has 4 MVP awards ;)

    I agree with what you said, Tom Brady is for wins (except when undefeated against wild card teams in the super bowl ;) ), and Manning is for numbers.

    Oh! And interestingly enough, I found an ESPN article compairing the two. Read it here.

    I found it quite interesting :)

  • Lisa
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    9 years ago

    Brady may have 3 Superbowls but Manning has an unprecdented 4 MVP's and is well on his way to another one this year, unless Philip Rivers decides to interfere with that. I think that speaks pretty clearly. Manning has won 5 of the last 6 games against the Patriots, two of which were at Foxborough. Manning is the clear winner in this no-contest.

  • 9 years ago

    Brady does not have a perfect season. The Patriots defense and their video camera won 3 rings, not Tom Brady. Most QB's could win in New England, remember a few years ago the Patriots won 11 games with a guy that hasn't played a game since high school.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Tom Brady is better. He has 3 Superbowl win. And as a perfect season!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Peyton by far. He is always looking at the replays and he never gets sacks. Sure Tom has all the Super-Bowls bu he had a good team. Peyton, not a very good team. And Peyton has 4 MVP's

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