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Lucid Dreaming: Are you trying to learn lucid dreaming and why?

Please tell me how far you've progressed in lucid dreaming and if you're still working at it. What kind of techniques do you use? Are you making steady progress like I am?


Hermia: The reason why there are some people who are so desperate to learn this sort of thing is because you can learn to freeze time inside of your dream and stay inside your dream for very long periods of time. Some people have mastered it so well that they claim it feels as though they're actually physically there. They claim its something that is well worth learning.

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    See: LUCID DREAMING, and From Y!A (modified): "A lucid dream occurs when you know you are dreaming, there are ways such as keeping a dream journal and programming your subconscious to induce a lucid dream; also hypnosis; see * about dream analysis (remembering dreams) and autosuggestion/self hypnosis, which can be used to induce lucid dreams in those who are capable of them, and proficient in hypnotic induction techniques. Hypnotism is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind. 85% of people are suggestible, to some degree so you could seek professional hypnotherapy, or has: DREAM INCUBATION - lucid dreaming, or you can try the autosuggestion (self hypnosis) here*. Dream Journal method: go to a store and buy a cheap book that you like and a good working pen (I use a pencil, because it writes at any angle) and keep it by your bed at all times, when you go to sleep put your hand on the book and say out loud "tonight i will remember my dream", then open it to the nearest blank page and proceed to go to sleep. when you wake up grab the book and write down the images and sounds and as much as you can remember from your dream. do this every day and you should get used to realizing when your in a dream and you should be able to remember your dreams very well after a month or so. I also suggest writing it down at least 5 times, to visually convey that message, as well as verbally, then fold that sheet, and place it under your pillow, symbollically "sleeping on it". Repeat nightly. Subconscious Programming Method: assuming you have kept a dream journal for a month or so this method allows you to program your subconscious into inducing a lucid dream. Every night you must concentrate for up to 10 minutes on the words "tonight i will have a lucid dream" and say it out loud about 6-10 times to help program your subconscious into inducing a lucid dream. after a few nights you should be starting to be able to control your dream, congratulations, your having your first lucid dreams.

    What To Do In a Lucid Dream: when you realize your in a dream a good method of turning it into a lucid dream is to look at your hands in the dream, this will help you gain control over the dream. if you start to feel like the dream is taking over again stare at your hands again to help yourself gain control again. Lucid dreaming can take months or even years to achieve. It requires a lot of careful meditation and preparation until you're finally ready to do it. It's not for the faint hearted at all. Also be aware that you're not sleeping if you lucid dream, and you'll wake up feeling really tired and probably will need to go straight back to bed. You should read these sites, and see if it's what you're really looking for: & & & & & & & ~~~

    The Sticky Notes: Grab some different colored sticky notes and write "Am I dreaming?" on them, then stick them everywhere. I suggest, on the clocks, right above the door knobs, bathroom mirror, on the hallway walls, front and back of doors, etc. Hypnosis: "Am I dreaming?" Repeat this phrase in your head over and over before falling asleep or have a recording of it and play it continuously before and after you fall asleep. Consumption: Try experimenting with different foods and drinks before you go to sleep. Some will give you intense dreams, some will give you nightmares (sweets will do that), some will give happy dreams that you would not want to wake up from. How does this work? Well, you are made up of many different chemicals, and adding a change to it with other chemicals (foods, drinks, smells, temperature) will cause it to react a certain way, and this will have an effect on your dreams. Milk gave me happy dreams, vitamin c made it intense, melatonin made it even more intense, (limit it to 3 nights, max, or it may interfere with your brain's natural production of it!) and I filled up a few pages in my journal with notes on the dozen dreams I have had with it. Also, try sleeping with different scents (candles, incenses, oils, bake a cake maybe?), yes; scents; they stimulate memory, moods, emotions. What you can do tonight is drink milk or take 1,000 mg of vitamin c, right before going to sleep.

    Source(s): Also there are audio brainwave stimulators you can use and yes they do work (I meditate to recorded oms and theta waves (4-7 Hz), and listen to gamma waves (40 Hz) when I am studying). I have no reason to lie to you, but if you don't believe that certain wave frequencies affect you, think about how some songs make you more aggressive, or sad, happy, some songs make you drive faster, type, or even read faster. If you play the audio brainwaves continiously during your entire sleep, not only will these waves cause you to be aware and conscious in your sleep, they will also help with learning (focus, attention and problem solving), help with memory problems, motivation, reduce stress, and help you react and think faster. You will most likely wake up feeling VERY good. ~~~ 5-htp makes my dreams considerably more pleasant. Try using autosuggestion (self hypnosis) as per for more control; find your hands!
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    Source(s): Hypnosis Training
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    I've always wanted to have a lucid dreams. :[ There's sites telling you how to do it.

    The way I would always try, was by writing the letter A on my hand, which stood for awake. And I'd constantly check my hand throughout the day. That way, I'd remember to do it in my dream and be aware that I was dreaming. It never really worked, lol.

    But I've seen this really cool movie called, "Waking Life." I think you'd enjoy it, if you like things about lucid dreaming. It was awesome.

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    I have been able to lucid dream since I was a teenager. Whilst it can be an interesting experience I honestly don't understand why people are so desperate to do it.

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