The queen and her gang?

I am not trying to start an argument here i don't agree with the monarchy but this is a genuine question.

In your view - what does the queen and her family actually do? Do they deserve the money they take off you?. Do you think anybody else could do their "job"?

I understand i am stuck with the monarchy but i don't have to like it - the fact that you are born to a certain family therefore gives you the right to proclaim yourself as ruler in real terms is a bit ludicrous.

if the courts were not governed by HM it would be interesting to see what they would make of such a thing - legalities etc etc. In this day of free living and human rights.

genuinely not causing an argument here just like to hear sensible views from both sides for and against - look forward to it


Ok quick extension in view of first three answers.

Queen of england was the point but monarchy in general.

Secondly - benefit spongers comment - They do nothing!! At sime point in history someone in their family killed someone and took land through fear and proclaimed themselves king - its not acceptable! they are high class benefit spongers and spawn of bullies to put it as blunt as i can!

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    First. let's establish one thing: WHICH queen are you talking about?

    There are THREE queens REGNANT in Europe, and several queens consort.

    There are more throughout the world.

    There are more than 50 monarchies in the world, most of which have a queen, though there are other titles.

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    Any country needs a head of state. Some elect presidents, others have Kings and Queens.

    Monarchies have some advantages. They are generally much cheaper (something like 64 pence per year per person in the UK, and $1.25 in Canada), and, being apolitical, they can act as a stabilizing force, unlike a President elected from a particular political party. Also, successive presidents from different parties means the country can swing, sometimes dramatically from left to right and back again. A monarchy tends to slow these dramatic changes somewhat. They are also very effective in times of crisis - being able to take the long views, rather than only looking to the next election.

    Monarchies are somewhat less democratic, it is true. However, if you look at the top countries to live in in the world, the majority of them are monarchies. Something to think about....

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    The Queen has many different duties to perform every day.

    Some are public duties, such as ceremonies, receptions and visits within the United Kingdom or abroad.

    Other duties are carried out away from the cameras, but they are no less important. These include reading letters from the public, official papers and briefing notes; audiences with political ministers or ambassadors; and meetings with her Private Secretaries to discuss daily business and her future diary plans.

    Even when she is away from London, in residence at Balmoral or Sandringham, she receives official papers nearly every day of every year and remains fully briefed on matters affecting her realms.

    In front of the camera or away from it, The Queen's duties go on, and no two days in her life are ever the same

    when you can work this hard 7 days a week right up to the age of 84 with no chance of retirement then complain

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    1 The Queen and her family are the royalty of this land. They perform many roles such as hosting foreign heads of state etc

    2The civil list is payment received in lieu of income from the Crown Estates which she gives to the government, in fact the government owes the Queen

    3 The Queen is only a titular head of state, a constitutional monarch, who does not intervene in laws or their implementation, a Royal Pardon is in fact recommended by the Home Secretary and signed by the Queen

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    the queen not only brings a lot of tourism into the UK, but also has a lot of duties which i'm sure you already know.... each to their own opinion, but i'm proud to be part of a country that has some of the richest heritage there is and a monarchy that dates back for centuries

    i think someone could probably do her job, yes, but she earns her keep in my eyes being such a tourist attraction if nothing else

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    The main thing....aside from the obvious advantages....that you might consider is that the powers that your monarch retains enables them to deal with a Parliament that cannot decide an issue...and are in a gridlock situation.

    Here in the USA, no one has the power to deal with a gridlocked body of legislators....and what happens is an incredibly expensive, long-term period of politicians arguing with each other, trying to make funding deals with each other, and resorting to every sort of skullduggery imaginable to get a decision made.

    In the meantime, government offices shut down and employees get sent home....with no paychecks.....and the country grinds to a standstill because some group of gits are arguing about some funding bill.

    This has happened several times during the past couple of decades...and is becoming nearly an every day situation in our Congress. The result of it is incredible expense to the entire country.....and a situation where, sometimes, important things NEVER get decided!

    The deals that get made in order to get someone to change their vote to end the gridlock are often special-interest projects for someone's district that result in enormous waste of taxpayer money.

    You cannot imagine the expense that gridlock winds up costing. All that skullduggery dealing to get people to change their votes winds up costing American taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars every year.

    It would be the deal of the century for us to end those billions of skullduggery spending...and pay someone the small amount of money you are paying your danged Queen.

    It is the deal of the century for you, too....except you've never had to deal with it so that you don't realize just how much money she saves you by retaining a monarchial, neutral position which gives her that one power.

    In your country, the PM can go to the Queen and she can DO something to end the gridlock....RIGHT THEN!!

    It is the most enormous advantage your system has that most of you are not aware of....because you have never had to deal with what we deal with because there is no way for us to appoint anyone like a Queen to have the same power here.

    If you think the Queen is costing you money, then you have never sat down and thought how expensive it would be not to have someone who could fulfill that one function....much less all the other things she does for your country.

    She is the only politically-neutral person that you have in your government who could be entrusted with the special powers that she has that she can use to deal with governments in gridlock, governments that become corrupt.

    It is the single greatest thing about your governance system...and many of you look at it like it is NOTHING!

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    The Monarchy represent hundred of years of Ancestral history among their names.

    And to be British, you have to respect our history longing over thousands of years.

    Alot of their work now, is charity.

    I have nothing against what or who they are.

    we pay for them, sure yeah...But we also pay for thousands of benefit sponging No lifers who claim they can't work but clearly they can.

    Who do less than the monarchy themselves.

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    Well I guess she is our Queen and head of state(and can Cut off Cameron's head)

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    meh, they bring in a lot of money with tourism

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