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Good evening Brits. Have the French forgotten history?

Just heard the French and British are forming a joint military strike force to protect their interest

Have they forgotten history? At Dunkirk the Free French and the British tried to invade France and establish a beach head in short order the British decided to retreat and did not inform the Free French later the Brits ordered them to hold back the Germans and destroy the American supplies while [whilst] the brits made it back to the U K

Just after WW 2 the Brits and French got together and schemed to take over the Suez Canal, Ike.the president of the U S put a stop to it He knew the brits well has he was their supreme military commander during the war. He told them he would release the warehouse full of British pounds they were storing to keep it from becoming worthless they backed off without consultation with the French they were furious

So with that history in mind are the French just forgiving or do they have a short memory?

As always thank y'all for sharing your vast knowledge of American history and we yanks will try and return the favoUr whenever we can



This was a question about the Brits and frogs not a forum for you too pontificate about y'all vast intelect and disapointment that others have not reach your level of wisdom Answer the question or put a cork in it

Update 2:

Trisha No Dieppe was after Dunkirk that is were y'all sent in the Canadians

Update 3:

Nigel so you are saying lend -lease took place after America entered the war and we really did not send in vast supplies to the Brits,Russia and China and 35 other countries before we entered the war Is that what your saying?

Update 4:

Mariaty as apposed to your ever ending references to me being the court fool of King Henry or feeling to need to tell me how hilarious you find me But one would think you walk around town laughing to yourself on a continual basis

Update 5:

Bobby I'm happy y'all better Did you have a good 'sit down' or did you nail the doe eyed one? I have found that cleaning out my tubes always helps with my regularity. Don't take any of this to heart it just that you speaker our language and I did tell the mother Terasa did flipped me the bird once and told me to piss off so right than and there I knew my calling in life

Update 6:

Bobby I'm happy y'all better Did you have a good 'sit down' or did you nail the doe eyed one? I have found that cleaning out my tubes always helps with my regularity. Don't take any of this to heart it just that you speaker our language and I did tell the mother Terasa did flipped me the bird once and told me to piss off so right than and there I knew my calling in life

Update 7:

Alamolic Hey cowboy how the heck are ya? Yes tis me the one and only! Can y'all feel the love here? I would call for a group hug but that Mariarty guy always wants to be in the middle chuckling away saying ''ho jolly good fun''

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    Favourite answer

    First off, I'm British and proud of my country and have no wish to live anywhere else. I also love the US and the people (with the exception of some politicians - in both countries!)

    When should bygones be left as bygones?

    Personally, I'm not happy with sharing aircraft carriers with the French, and I suspect a lot of French people share the view from their perspective, but quite simply its a matter of economics, and we're both on the same side - whatever that is!.

    I won't disput your general line but I feel I must correct a bit of your re-telling of 'World History'.

    Adolf Hitler embarked upon an expansion plan for his Third Reich which resulted in the alliance of Britain, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands stating that unless he withdrew from invading other countries war would result. War was declared in September 1939. Fearful of invasion, the allied countries in mainland Europe requested help from Britain and the USA. Britain immediately responded by sending a force to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The USA decided to remain neutral.

    A war at sea ensued, with the Nazis attempting to starve Britain into submission. Without the help of neutral USA, this could easily have happened. (The US provided ships to replace those sunk, asking for payment only after the war - putting much debt onto the British economy for decades after).

    The land war commenced in May 1940, with their much better equipped armies amd tactics, the Nazis had soon over-run the Netherlands and much of Belgium. They soon had the British and French armies enclosed in a pincer manouvre resulting in a last stand for the British, elements of the French Army, and the remnants of the Belgian Army at Dunkirk (note this was a big time retreat to save what was left of these armies to fight another day - it was not an invasion. Note also that the concept of 'Free French' did not exist at this point.) Some 338,000 Brits and 140,000 French were evacuated from Dunkirk by British boats. These rescued French later formed a government in exile situated in London, England and called themselves the 'Free French'. The only supplies from North America at that time were from Canada. Because of their neutrality, no supplies were sent from the USA to the land war to any of the soon to be occupied countries.

    It was not until after Pearl Harbour that the USA joined the war in Europe, to the great relief of Britain and the Free Governments of many occupied countries. Money, supplies and the many graves of young US service personnel bear testamount to the fact that the US involvement shortened the war by many, many years. It must also be noted that the 10.5 million Russian military losses also shortened the war.

    I agree that the Suez invasion was a debacle. Israel, France and Britain went to war following the communist nationalism of the Suez canal. For their own political purposes the US did put pressure on the UK to withdraw unilaterally. The French have never forgiven the US for that action and relationships between France and the US have been sour ever since. Some argue that the Suez crisis was the end of France and Britain as 'world powers' and the start of the USA and the USSR as 'super-powers'.

    Since my first post, you ask about lend lease. Perhaps you misread my original post - we all do it. The US did supply ships to the UK prior to the Battle of Dunkirk, but these were either paid for in gold or came under the 'Destroyers for Bases Agreement'. The Evacuation of Dunkirk took place between 27 May and 2 June 1940. Lend Lease (which covered many different types of armaments etc) was brought into USA law in March 1941 (Clearly before Pearl Harbour) but almost a year after Dunkirk.

    I have no idea when supplies were made to China, but they did not commence to Russia until 1942 (after Pearl). But, of course, as you know, neither China nor Russia were engaged in Dunkirk, the prime topic of your original point and my first response.

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    I spy a question from someone who does not understand history. But that's O.K.

    A large part of Americans make up stories based on heresay and prejudice without verifying anything, let alone history. This is a prime example of why Americans are so despised, where once we were admired. This has become an obsession with me since there does not seem to be a basis for this ongoing phenomenon of arrogance and pride. I am an American. Since this is so mystifying to me, I can only sit back and be amazed at the rhetoric being thrown around. Everytime I read a comment on the web about ANYTHING....I get the same ol 'Obama-Liberal' thing that satisfies the commentator. Their question is resolved without analysis. No thought involved. No real knowledge involved. I think we can be sure this trend of anti-intellectualism will not only continue to exist , but willl become exceedingly worse. I think the real trurh is that most Americans don't believe what they say, but rather revel in the absurdity of the lie thay are telling; as if lying is a new virtue and the one who can be the most absurd wins the arguement. But even if I don't understand the motive behind the arrogance I have realized just today what preceeded the fall of every once-great country...believe the lie at the cost of losing our country. It's a repeat of what comes before the fall ...and it is carried by the citizens, not the government.

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    Yet again a question from your regular selection of five that as usual becomes a hilarious misinformed rant, liberally scattered with comedic fiction.

    Well, if you're going to repeat yourself then really I should reply in kind by stating once more that the name Rayhere is the same as that of the "Court Fool" of King Henry I, which should speak volumes...

    ~ If I do have the occasional chuckle to myself at your expense at least it's jolly. Rather that than this pitiful desperation to try and constantly find fault with, and obssess over, all things British. It's a sad state of affairs when thats all you can do with your time. I'm amazed you can get anything done during the day with this permanent preoccupation with what "the Brits" have done, or are doing, buzzing beneath your Jesters cap.

    There's also something else that's amusing and never ending - your butchery of the English language:-


    "for you too pontificate"



    "your ever ending"

    I shall stand by to yawn at your regular response about male secretaries.

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    Hi Ray. Could to see they let you back on here on 19 Oct. 2010. Thought I'd been reading and answering your questions a lot longer than that. Don't know if you are the real Ray or not but you seem about the same. What made me wonder is that you seem to have bothered about the spelling a bit more than before. You actually have thought about using the U in your spelling now and the whilst intead of the slang while really knocked me for six.

    Point is that it isn't the real Ray or you are beginning to become a bit more civilised now that they have let you back on. Why did you get banned anyway? That is if you are the real Ray

    Oh weel. Iffen it are yu, than welcum bak and yall have a gud day. Yall here?

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    The bit about Dunkirk is false the uk wasn't trying to invade france that was allied forces retreated to escape the german forces from overuning the sector, since world war 1 the uk and France made allied treaties to help eachother in the future, the joint task force now is basically making the 2 countries save money and become more powerful

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    10 years ago

    What do you Americans know about history ? You can't even get your own right.

    Whats the French and UK Military Alliance got to do with you yank ?

    It benefits both nations, Both nations have had war on and off !!!

    for good and bad.

    At the end of the day were better together. forget the backstabbing US.

    All the gear no idea, with your armies ay ?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Nope they remember history all too well once they they gave you Americans America and now they realise their mistake and have joined the British on a quest to take it back.Although i have told them we don't want another lame duck debt ridden country kept afloat by the Chinese but would they listen?

    You had better learn this it will come in handy

    As I am in a better mood today Ray you do make me laugh most of the time as i consider the amount of your time you put into this game.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    As an American I can honestly say....what the hell are you saying? This is extremely sloppy and poorly written. Military failures are a lesson needed to be learned from, but the invasion of France in WWII was a failure because of timing and strategy not because it was a Birtish/French alliance.

  • 10 years ago

    Why don't you just dry up and hopefully blow away as you talk a load of nonsense anyway. Your knowledge of war is signified by your opening remarks which are indicative of all you don't know about history.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    ermm Ray Dunkirk the free French weren't invented yet. hang on do you mean Dieppe?

    never mind stick to churchill you're good on him. lol..

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