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can you recommend a good 2 way radio for skiing?

looking for a good set of 2 way radios for use on ski trips. not too big, easy to use, long range.

looked at motorola tlkr 5 & some binatone products - has anyone used these?

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    There are none available in the consumer market that are good in the mountains. No matter what the package and information says, these types of radios have extremely poor capabilities in mountainous areas. Similarly, tens of dozens of people attempt to use them at resorts and always seem to be on the same channel as someone else. I can't tell you how many times I've seen parents trying to talk to their kids with no luck. BEEP....Johnny.....(static)....Johnny.....BEEP. They become annoying to other people in the lodge and on the lifts as well. Not to mention that you can't use them to call Ski Patrol for help either. Patrollers use professional radios on a repeater network so they have a much longer range.

    Truth be told, you are much better off using a cell phone. Most ski resorts have cellular service and you can at least call for help by dialing the base lodge and asking to be connected to ski patrol.

    We bought a couple of the higher end Motorola radios a few years ago to use at my job. I am a professional hiking guide. We have them so the tail guide and lead guide can stay in touch. In spite of the 6 mile range advertised, we are lucky if they work well outside of one mile in the mountains. If we can't hear each other, it means we are too far apart. Thankfully we almost never need them.

    Source(s): I've used these radios, I've sold these radios, and I'm a volunteer ski patroller as well.
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    You need to make sure that what you buy is legal where you are some of the USA makes are not legal in Europe and the other way around so its best to buy through a Shop rather than through ebay.

    Our Binatone(Tevion) Terrain 550's are legal in Europe but I would not use in the USA/Canada

    Our current set are Binatone and came from Aldi, they are branded with the Aldi Tevion "make", the support line is however the same as the Binatone one and the charger says Binatone. They came with a 3 year warranty rather than the 1 year that Binatione give and were about £10 cheaper

    AVOID the very cheap ones, the problem with these is that they have a restricted number of channels (they all have the same number of basic channels but the more expensive ones have sub-channels which filter out other users which you will have to consider in a big ski resort).

    Also dont mix makes /models, we used to have 2 sets of 2 all by the same company but different models and they would not work together.

    You have to read through the manufactures website and go for the longest distance but remember that these are on the flat in wide open spaces distances, hills and other things get in the way to reduce the distance you can get

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