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Dying my Red hair (Live xxl) TO Blonde (my natural)?

I've used live xxl real red and red passion (very red) on my dark blonde hair for about a year now and i've loved it for long time although i'm getting abit fed up with re doing the roots all the time So i want to get my hair nearer my natural colour

How can i get my red hair

(A little more faded )

Back to my natural colour (very similar to this)

Type of Hair dyes and tips included would helpful

Thank you

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    Hi there

    It's nice to hear that you've been such a fan of our LIVE Color XXL red shades. If you want to dye your hair using a home hair colour then you will only be able to go a darker shade than the colour you currently have on your hair. If you try to go lighter you could end up with a rusty orangey colour rather than the blonde you are trying to achieve.

    We would advise you to go to a professional to get your hair coloured back to your natural shade. Once you have achieved this colour professionally, you will then be able to use home hair dyes to maintain the colour.

    If you have any more hair colour questions you can find Schwarzkopf on Twitter and Facebook

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    For hair colour tips you can visit our Love Hair Colour blog at

    Good luck

    The Schwarzkopf Colour Team

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    luckily for you, red hair dye does fade it's red out quite a bit!

    I've used Live XXL's coloured dyes twice before, once was a shade of purple and the other was a darker red then your hair dye.

    I dyed my hair red, from natural (a light brown, which on it's own has blonde pigments in it) two summers ago.

    The redness faded considerably within - I think - nearly two months anyway. By 4 months it was more like a brown with unnatural shocks of auburn in it. I'm pretty sure I dyed it brown, then, to hide it's faded hair dye.

    So, I would suggest to see how much your red hair dye fades before dying it.

    The thing is that if you go to a hair salon, I'm really, really sure that you'll need to get bleach into your hair to get the colour up - what with the permanent red hair dye will still be in your hair (obv.).

    If you're wanting to just buy a pack of blonde hair dye, the colours will not be so light as the hair dye without bleaching your hair.

    If you'd like to see, once your hair dye has faded at least a bit -- I recon it'll fade to a reddened dark brown-look -- you could always try out a 24-washout, SEMI-PERMANTENT hair dye of blonde, to see how well it covers it.

    - If you are in the UK, then I'd actually recommend Boot's "Botanic" range of Semi-Permanent hair dyes. They do a really good coverage, and are pretty multi-tonal and natural looking ((provided that the hair colour suits you, e.g. if it were chocolate brown and it was obv. that your eyebrows weren't so dark, so it'd be obv. that it's hair dye.)) colours. is a link to Boot's Store online, this link is the Semi-Permanent hair dyes, but you can easily go onto their Permanent listings.

    If you are in the UK, I'd recommend going to the largest store which is near you. The smaller Boots branches, for example in small towns or in the outter city, tend to miss out on a vauge variety of things. Sometimes it's just the range of hair dyes, sometimes it's just that it's more of a Pharmacy Branch rather then for hair dyes, make-up, etc.

    Superdrug are also useful! =]

    Uh, to summarize:

    I think that you'll have to end up using bleach, weather you wait until your hair dye has faded considerable or whether you go straight ahead and dye it now.

    The salon would be the best place to bleach your hair, where they won't spill it allover your clothes and leave a whole in the scrappy shirt!! (my sister's friend did this to one of my grubby shirts, during my "big, baggy shirt and a top underneath and doc martens and skirt" times..)

    At the very least, you could go into a hairdressers - preferably somewhere you've perhaps been recommended by someone you know, if not a regular one or preferred one which you go to already - and ask what they would advise (wait for it to fade, or what).

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Hair dyes I have used before - Boot's botanical range. Also the "Herbashine", I have been told that it is actually really good!
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    you just use a hair stripper shampoo :)

    ask your local hairdressers where to get it.

    i use the red live xxl colours all the time :) xx

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    Hair stripper and Head and shoulders does it well, because when I went to school, the teacher who hated you dying your hair bright colours made you wash your hair with head and shoulders to strip it out aha.

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    I think blonde hair is sexiest, but brown hair can end up being really sexy too. Black hair will be never sexy. It's just really uninteresting and boring and flatters few caractère. Blonde hair looks best with azure eyes.

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