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what is the law about front fog lights?

i was flashed by a police car for having front fog lights on in thr rain

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    it comes down to definition

    There are fog lights

    and there are optional driving lamps

    Fog lamps are only to be used when visability is down to 100 meters

    optional driving lamps can be used when there is reduced visability.

    the law states you should drive with dipped headlights (UK) when its raining

    therefore reduced visability

    driving with optional driving lamps on in the rain is perfectly legal and the police can not issue a fixed penalty notice for fog lamps in those conditions.

    Basically if your wipers are on - your lights can be on.

    there is also the argument of HGV's being able to use their foglamps.

    they state being able to see further because of longer stopping distances

    if they need longer to stop they should be driving at a slower speed.

    But. in all fairness

    Driving with foglamps in the rain gives a glare on the road surface (because of the fog lamp height) that effects older peoples vision. not a medical condition, just an age thing.

    and there are more older drivers than teenagers.

    you dont really need them - switch them off.

    I use mine (optional driving lamps) in the early hours on back roads to keep the wildlife off the road (rabbits etc) But switch them off in traffic on main roads.

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    2014 Oklahoma statute

    Title 47-12-217

    Visibility must be 1/2 mile or less to use fog lights. That means all atmospheric conditions (rain,fog,dust,snow), not just fog.

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    The majority of people use them as a status symbol ' look, my car is the more expensive/sport version of this model '. Fog lights are for fog. Not rain.

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    Fog lights point slightly downwards by design, they are there so other drivers can see you in poor visibility, not so you can see where you are going.

    Using fog lights in the rain causes the light to reflect off the wet road surface, dazzling oncoming traffic. This is obviously dangerous. This stuff is all covered in the highway code.

    Turn your fog lights off unless its very foggy. Not just a little bit of mist, proper thick fog. I can't remember the last time I used mine.

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    The law, as presented by The Highway Code, states that front and rear fog lights must not be used unless visibility is seriously reduced - which generally means when you cannot see further than 100 metres (328 feet) - and that they must be switched off once the visibility improves.

    You're lucky they didn't nick you but it was probably too wet. Sorry to say it but there are too many dipsticks on the road who put fog lights on because THEY can't see and it is VERY annoying.

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    Fog Lights Law

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    They are fog, not rain, lights. Use them at the appropriate times.

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    The clue is in the name - if they were intended for use in the rain they would be called "rain lights", not "fog lights".

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    In Ohio ( 4513.14),headlights can be neither lower than 22 inches nor higher than 56 inches from the ground.

    Light that is reflected 180 degrees (what YOU see when YOUR headlights strike an object) has MUCH lower illuminocity than light that is reflected light about 90 degrees( the light from fog lights seen by oncoming cars). So, fog lights are 'high beam' headlights. CAn't have em on within 500 ft of anybody.

    Source(s): Physics 179 and DE teacher for more than a decade.
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    You have a driving licence and you don't know the laws on how to drive?

    Wow, how did that happen...??

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