mazda 6 shaking as speed increases?

Hey all i have a 2005 mazda 6 the mot last year failed due to front Tyre's being worn badly on the outer quarter so i had them replaced but didn't have time for the tracking/ wheel alignment to be done and never got around to it during the year as i got to about 70+ mph the steering wheel vibrated quite badly and i put this down to tracking.

A week ago i had my latest mot and the Tyre's had worn in the same place so i replaced the set had them balanced and aligned and sent it to mot and passed.

As i drove it away i went about half a mile onto a dual carriageway where i accelerated up to 60 and the steering wheel started vibrating and the faster i went the worse it got.

Now its aligned, got new Tyre's that are balanced etc any ideas what the problem maybe?

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  • gary
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    1 decade ago
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    Alignment problem or tires not balanced properly, or bad tire or bad wheel.

    Swap the spare with your tires one at a time and see if the problem goes away.

    If it does, you will know which tire/wheel is bad.

  • 1 decade ago

    Jack up one side of the front of car so wheel is off ground. Run car to about 30-35 with car in drive (with one wheel on ground, wheel off the ground will spin at double speedo speed.)

    If car does not vibrate, switch sides. I once worked on a car that had an alignment shim in the brake rotor. Balancing the tire did not help.

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