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Can someone believe in Jehovah and Evolution at the same time? Because, what if Jehovah created animals and then they started to evolve by themselves after that? Today, farmers are breeding cows so that they have unusually large muscles for meat. Isn't that force evolution? Don't get me wrong, i love Jehovah. I also have this problem. It's very long to explain, but basically i posted a question about scientific connections with the bible and the best answerer stumped me. So now i don't know what to think. I still believe in Jehovah, but i find evolution and natural selection convincing too. Heres the link to the question. (BTW: i copied and pasted all the info from those articles from watchtower.);_ylt=Asi_V...

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    Ah! Now your other question makes more sense. In response to the Best Answer's arguments:

    Pgf 1 - This seems to be a reference to Eve coming from Adam. But the Bible doesn't say that Eve was regenerated from Adam's rib, but that God formed her using Adam's rib as a basis. Eve was a 'creation' of God, not a regenerated rib.

    Pgf 2 - Actually, the Bible says that the animals are also made of 'dust.' So humans not being unique in this respect doesn't prove anything. And the Bible is accurate - not inaccurate - in this respect. So this is one instance when the Bible is in harmony with the findings of science. And there are more complex compounds found on this planet than there are anywhere else in the known universe. In other words the complexity that is needed for us to be here doesn't exist anywhere else.

    Pgf 3 - the number of atoms doesn't matter, but the intense complexity does, despite what critics say. Specified complexity is a hallmark of design, not non-design. The appeal to snowflakes is irrelevant because the laws of the universe that governs snowflake formation was also designed. Creationism does't only appeal to complexity - that is a strawman argument. Creationism is the appeal to specified complexity that is best explained as being the product of design. Astronomers and biologists constantly refer to things in their field of study as being 'designed' - even if they're atheists. For example, staunch atheist Richard Dawkins defines biology as the study of living things that appear to be designed, but aren't.

    Pgf 4 - The brain is the most complex structure in the known universe. It is paradoxically more complex than the universe itself. This is because the universe's life history and future is predicted by scientists by using mathematical equations - the universe's laws are considered among the 'simple sciences' (otherwise known as the 'hard sciences'). However, the brain (and biology in general) is too complex to be predicted by equations, and is known as the 'complex sciences' (or 'soft sciences').

    Pgf 5 - same as above.

    Bottom line is, Evolution's natural selection and punctuated equilibrium to do not explain observed phenomenon. If you research science and science history extensively, you will see that evolution is believed because God is not an option. It sprang from the 19th century's philosophy of naturalism that limited scientific explanations to the natural realm. God was not allowed. Real science allows for all options. Creation can be inductively shown to be the best logical explanation with the fewest contradictions.

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    I used to wonder about this as well, but Genesis 1:27 does say a good deal.

    "And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them."

    Also Isaiah 45:12 - "I myself have made the earth and have created even man upon it. I—my own hands have stretched out the heavens, and all the army of them I have commanded.”

    Now Jehovah God obviously isn't "evolving." I mean, it's pretty straight forward that he directly created us, and we did not evolve. If you have a Reasoning Book on hand, read the section on Evolution, it's very interesting. :)

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    Huh...where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    Evolution can never be proven.

    The “scientific method” is as follows:

    Observe what happens; based on those observations, form a theory as to what may be true; test the theory by further observations and by experiments; and watch to see if the predictions based on the theory are fulfilled.

    Is this the method followed by those who believe in and teach evolution?

    NO....they build theories without any proof.

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    So you really believe that a house,a car, an airplane, a train, a computer etc.can form by natural selection ?

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    10 years ago

    the bible does not agree with evolution, just like it doesn't agree with a non-flat earth.

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    10 years ago

    If you believe in God you believe in everything is possible and not a flick/flute like the morons we have running with their pants hanging down

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