How To Use Lag Switch?

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I made a lag switch: I stripped the ethernet cable, cut the green wire, stripped the ends of the green wire, and then correctly applied my light switch to it. Im just REALLY confused more
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It works exactly the way you describe. With the lag switch on one position, the device is cut off from the Internet. With the switch in the other position, the device is connected.

Your xbox will not sign out if the Internet is turned off. How could it send the commands needed to sign off if it's not connected? And how would it know it wasn't connected as opposed to there just being a burst of lag?

The basic way you use the lag switch is as follows:

1) You flip the lag switch so as to disconnect your console's TX pair.
2) You enter a sequence of commands or operations in the game.
3) You flip the switch back to connected.

The idea is that your console can't send any commands during step 2. So in step 3 when the connection returns, all the commands will be sent at once. This makes it harder for opponents to react to them.

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thanks very much :)
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