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is Midlands Consulting Center a scam ?

In the phone calls and emails before the interview there was a constant referal to 'the manager', where as at the interview there seemed to be several 'managers'. "The manager liked your CV" along with many other phrases sounded quite generic, as if they were used all the time. Both of these things made it seem like they were trying to make it feel like the job was just for you.

In the interview it was explained that they market on behalf of clients. No telesales, but what they called residential sales. I assumed this to be door to door and places such as in shopping centres. They said that this would develop into B2B sales, as well as something else i forgot. The whole training programme takes 8-10 months, this apparently used to take 2 years but they've codensed it to this time due to demand from their clients. it was claimed that they have 1 office now, and need to expand to 40. By developing the 'leadership qualities' they help you aquire you could be a managing director of one of these new offices in 10 months or less. The interview came across like a timeshare pitch, with the 'manager' using a piece of paper to present a vague outline of what the job will be. Buzzwords all over the place.

I was told that I'd get a call later that day if I was suitable, and then be able to come back for a second interview (which would involved seeing how sales and marketing worked in a little more detail). I got a call to go in the next week for the interview, but I'm little suspicious and have doubt feelings about the whole story here.

thank you guys for your help


they didn't say anything about products types .. however they referred that their services include marketing activities for big companies such as "Orange" ... and there's a plan to get with BT's marketing sector .... but when I asked the manager about their expand and its target he said that they want to expand in the UK for this year .. and for the next couple of years are going to enter abroad markets such as rio de janeiro and Dubai ..and when he saw my facial impressions to hear that he said: "well .. the train is moving and it's all about if you have a ticket or not !"

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    For a marketing company they sure have a lot of mistakes on their web site! Amateurish and odd. A marketing company that doesn't mention a single client? Anywhere or in any capacity.

    The news section is a rambling combination of perception pieces and press releases that wouldn't get read beyond the first para by any journalist let alone published.

    Whatever they want you to sell is hardly likely to be in any way prestigious. My feeling, as they are keeping the client and the product stum at this stage of the interview process, is that it will be something like one of those charities that has you stopping people in the street to ask for direct debit commitments.

    Smallbrook Queensway is serviced office space, so its probably a bit of a one man band. Indeed on checking with Companies House, the off the shelf company was incorporated in April this year and a Darren Turner was appointed as its only director in August this year.

    It's brand new, cannot have built up much of a portfolio of clients yet and is keeping you in the dark about what exactly the job entails.

    Proceed with caution and run a mile if you are asked to part with so much as a penny in fees, investment in products, training or anything else.

    EDIT Companies such as Orange and BT would never use such an unproven supplier. They have tough procurement policies and the fact that this company cannot even produce one set of accounts and has a capital of GBP1, would almost certainly mean that a big player would discount them as a supplier.

    As for the cheesy line about the train - sounds like a right pillock or a right player - be careful and don't fall for a con man's patter.

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    I don't know anything about that company BUT 'residential sales' is just a fancy way of saying door to door sales. How can you build up a B2B business by targeting residences? That doesn't make sense

    You can try ringing Trading Standards on Monday in the town where they are located to see if there have been any complaints about them

    Did they ever tell you exactly what product you were marketing??? That's kind of important to know upfront

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