What type of boiler should I have?

Need a new boiler. Current one is standard gas boiler, 20 years old. Which is a better replacement option, a combi or a condensing boiler? Like the idea of getting rid of feeder tank in attic and hot water tank in airing cupboard but also want to be as energy efficient as possible. Am concerned about loss of water pressure in shower and changes needed to heating system. Live in four bedroom detached house with two showers, one bath and five sinks. Please help!!!!

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    I am also a Gas installer and the only boiler I fit is Worcester. I have fitted alot of types of boilers but none in my opinion meet the Quality of Worcester.

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    If at all possible keep your trusty cast iron boiler.

    A condensing boiler is only as good as the system it is fitted to, it's highly unlikely that your system will generate the savings you see in the glossy brochures.

    Unless the radiators are sized for a low flow temp and an adequate temperature drop occurs across the system then your very expensive condensing boiler won't condense anywhere near as well as you're led to believe.

    You will be hard pressed to find a combi to cope with the water load of your house.

    You could do a lot worse than buy a Rinnai Water Heater to serve showers / sinks and bath, this will give you mains pressure at the hot outlets (but you will probably have to change the shower mixing valves - and you'd have the same issue if you were conned into fitting a combi)

    The Rinnai will allow you to dispose of the cylinder and the cold water storage tank in the attic, and then your existing boiler can just serve the existing radiators.

    If you decide to fit a new condensing boiler or combi make 100% sure that the radiators and pipework are thoroughly flushed through and some inhibitor is added to the system.


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    I am a gas engineer and although I would be criticised for saying this if your current old boiler is working normally I would say don't change it.

    Yes a new boiler will be more efficient but this will be wasted as soon as you have to have a repair man out and a boiler has many more parts to go wrong believe me.

    My mothers old cast iron boiler is still going and it is 40 years old don't expect a new boiler to work

    more than 10 years without needing a repair and gas boiler manufacturers work on a replacement of 7-10 years.

    A combi boiler removes your old hot water tank and header tanks. I personnaly don't like them but they are popular as they are easy to install and compact.

    All boilers today are condensing so nothing to worry about there.

    For landlords I install the glow worm betacom boiler only a B class boiler but then it only costs £450.

    If you are going for a combi ensure you have a good flow rate say 20 litres a minute you can measure this at the kitchen sink. Run the tap and measure how much water flows in a minute.

    An alternative is a system boiler that will be condensing but heat your hot water tank as before. They are a little more reliable as they don't have the on and off each time a hot tap is opened.

    Check for deals some boiler manufacturers are offering deals like 5 years parts and labour (Ideal and Ferroli). Worcester boilers are expensive and overpriced.

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    Hi Kitty.

    I am a retired gas engineer of many years.

    Your house is too big for a combi. boiler.

    Stick with what you have or replace with similar.

    Any shower engineer worth his salt should be able to sort out your shower problems.

    Get the right man.


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