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So how do non british view law courts?

when a person in britain goes to give evidence

or testifies in any court family civil criminal whatever

whether prosecution or defence it is irrelevant

and swears an oath on The Bible

yet declares themselves as an athiest.

then complains about other cultures

bringing their laws and ideals along with them.

how do you think this scene looks to others coming into britain.

the laws of the land sworn on The Bible

by a huge number of people who dont believe in it ?

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    The world is coming to a time when God is going to pass judgment like he did in the great flood. This time it will be by fire.

    People can deny God for a time but in the end they are in HIS hands as to their eternal soul & future.

    It will eventually come down to a choice between 1. Bible law 2. Sharia law..


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    In America, due to recent court decisions having nothing to do with Constitutional law, but enforcing the court-created law of inviolate separation of church and state, our oaths look like this:

    "Do you solemnly swear or sincerely affirm, as the case may be, that the evidence you shall give in this case will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God, or upon penalty of perjury?"

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    The important thing is to make an oath, the bible isn't necessary. Once you've made an oath, you then can be charged with perjury if you have lied in court.

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    You're not forced to swear on the bible. You can swear on any holy book you like. Or you can affirm, with no mention of God.

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    bible government police military it is a sheered simple circus show to screw the powerless

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