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Has a wrestler ever pooped his pants while wrestling?

I'm just curious. Im not attempting to hate Cena, as I'm a massive fan of his, but I heard he did, which is kinda good, because that's showing true respect to WWE. He may of pooped his pants but didn't run backstage, get embarrassed. He fought, and I respect that. But as a wrestler ever pooped in the ring, while wrestling?

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  • Don
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    I heard Sid Vicious did while he fought the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 13. Probably not true, but that's what I heard.

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    Wrestler Pants

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    I don't recall any wrestler who pooped his pants. I remember about six or seven years ago, the late Eddie Guerrio gave a wrestler some burritos.Later during a wrestling match in which he was in, he had to poop big time. He ran to the bathroom .He made it to the bathroom in time or else he would have pooped his pants.I forgot what the name of that wrestler was.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    One wrestler did, his name is D-Lo Brown, a wrestled 3 years ago in the WWE. He wrestled with Tazz in an open single match. I guess he drank too much Pepsi or something. After he threw up he just ran out the ring. Embarrassing..

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  • Anonymous
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    Yes. Sycho Sid pooped his pants at WM 13 when the Undertaker tombstones him

    Its a ruimor but i think its true because if you look at undertaker face after the match it looks like he was bout to throw up

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    Lol, Yes Cena puked and unleashed a fudge dragon in the same match which he admited to WWE magazine. In his defense, he had food poisoning.

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    lol yea he did, apparently he felt like vomiting so he rolled out the ring to puke under the ring and when that happened he ended up crapping his pants lol (no lie)

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    Andre the giant did on his opponent.

    who ever thumbed me down don't know the story of how Andre shat on hit opponent. that shows you how stupid moden fans are!

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  • Andrew
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    Lol Cena pooped in his pants. I am honestly not sure if any wrestler pooped in his pants.

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    I have heard on Bubba the Love sponge radio show that Randy "Macho man" did while lifting weights. In the ring I dont know.

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