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My husband cheated and got a another woman pregnant, then got me pregnant. Should I leave or stay?

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    This is one of those questions that only you can answer. Can you accept the fact that your husband not only cheated. He did not use protection and impregnated another woman. Now your child will have a sibling (nothing you can do about that) from another woman, and this child will be a part of your life and that of your child and your husband. Personally, I would file for divorce, obtain an order for child support and allow him to deal with his mess. If she was aware he was married they deserve one another.

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    Well, my mother is currently in the same situation, but she has been married for 10 years. She found out about 1 1/2 months ago, that my dad had been cheating on her for about 3 months, and that his mistress his also pregnant. They live in OK, but the mistress lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. He met her on a business trip. Needless to say, my mother kicked him out of the house, and is getting a divorice. I have to say I think this is the best route for any man/woman in this situation. You may be in love with him, and it will be really hard, but the bottom line is, he did it once, and no matter how bad he says he feels, he wasn't thinking about that when he was with this other woman. There was obviously something missing with him from your relationship, and rather than talk it out with you and tell you how he was feeling, he went elsewher to find that. The unfortunate thing is that you are the one who suffers through all of this, and it's time to flip the script. Be happy that you found out what kind of person he is now, rather than 10 years down the road. You should think positive, know that you did everything that you could to make the marriage work, rest happy knowing that you were a good, faithful wife, and kick his sorry a** to the curb. You sound like a great wife, and will one day make some man very happy. Happy enough that he will appreciate everything that you have to offer and treat you like the woman you deserve to be treated like. This man doesn't deserve you, and you can obviously do much better than him, so don't hold back! Go crazy, and enjoy the single life, and make him suffer every day knowing what he lost! That's all the advice I can give, and I hope that it helps. Good luck!

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    You DEFINITLY need to make him suffer. Leave for now. You need time to think this through for yourself and as long as he's around you, your judgements gonna be cloudy. So go stay with the parents or a best friend. I'm not talkin like a week, I'm talkin like 3 weeks at the least. Don't go to lunch with him and talk. Don't even talk to him. SERIOUSLY. Before you leave let him know that your hurting and you need some time to figure out whats best right now. Let him know you'll get ahold of him in a couple weeks but not to call you. Make the leaving process quick and less painful. No good bye hugs. This is going to be really hard, but I can guarentee you wont make the right decision unless he isn't around. No one on this site is going to be able to tell you whether you should stay or not. They dont know your relationship with him and everything you guys have been through. If it's deep enough and he wants to be with YOU after all this and you TRULY want to be with him, then it will all work out. Whenever something happens in my life and I feel lost and don't know what to do, I give myself a lot of alone time to think and pray. I never used to read the bible but what I've found is I can open to a random page and wherever my eyes fall, theres some guidance to my problems. Think about this. Pray. Pray that God helps you through this and leads you to the right decision. Then open the bible and read. You'll find something. I'll pray for you as well. Stay strong. God bless!

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    Check your state's laws first. In some states a pregnant woman isn't allowed to get a divorce until after they have the baby.

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  • Ask yourself these questions....

    1) Would you be better off with him or without him in your life

    2) Could you ever trust him again if he did his best to earn it

    3) Can you accept the fact he shares a child with another woman and both will be in your life and his for at least 18 years (the mother) and forever ( the child)

    Base your decision on those answers.

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    Do you love this guy, and does he love you back? If he sinceraly apologizes and you know he means it then you should take him back. Don't stay with him if its just for the kid because chances are if he doens't care enough about you to go and cheat on you then he won't care about the kid all to much either. Good luck and I hope this helps you.

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    what omg..... u should def leave that is crazy... it is not ok to cheat first of all but to have sex with her without a condom and then to get her pregnant is crazy. if he would of just cheated then u can way out your options but he got her pregnant he has no respect for u at all.

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    9 years ago

    Glo hit the nail on the head. Every situation is different. It is easy to say "Leave" if they are not the ones going through it.

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    He deserves to be left by the two of you, double child support will teach him better next time.

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    I would leave. To me it would mean that he obviously didn't care about me, my health, our relationship, or our family. And I would get the best lawyer possible to make sure he faced up to his responsibilities.

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