Senior Citizens: Do you remember Oxydol, Rinso & Omo?

I'm asking, because if you happen to have a packet still in good order - I saw one for sale yesterday (Rinso), at £24.99!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes I remember the 3 of them. Rinso and Oxydol definitely in the 1950's and was later on I heard of Omo and remember the advert jingle on the old tv's - , 'Omo adds white, white whiteness' probably late 50's early 60's. In Glasgow as probably many other cities we had the old 'wash houses' in the public baths and memories of my mum and granny, turban on their heads, all the week's washing wrapped in a big sheet and pushed in what had been my go chair (push chair) to the wash house, better known as 'the steamie'. They then had to get what you called 'a stall' to do your washing and what a chat people had, shouting to each other from stall to stall. There's a pretty well known Scottish play called 'The Steamie' which often is on TV around Hogmanay (New Years Eve to those of you further afield) and it really sums up what I recall all those years ago entranced watching my grannie and mum. You moved on to the wringers and someone was always available to give you a helping hand as your sheet or whatever came through the wringer. Yes those were the days!

  • 6 years ago

    The Rinso White jingle was sung by opera star, Beverly (Bubbles) Sills! I heard it many times on the radio. But I've never heard of Omo or Daz? Perhaps it's because I'm not English. I've heard of Duz soap powder however because, remember their slogan, 'Duz Does Everything'!

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  • Dinah
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    10 years ago

    Yes, I remember Oxydol was the only detergent that contained no water polluting chemicals, and I bought it until it disappeared from the market. I remember Rinso Blue, some jingle for it on television, but that's all I remember about it. Omo, I've never heard of. Must have been marketing only in Europe?

  • 10 years ago

    Oh my! I recall Rinso like it was yesterday... my mom must have used it for laundry. I just Googled it to see a photo of the box and yep... sure as rain, there it sat!

    Oxydol sounds familiar too but I didn't get that same "there it is!" feel when I Googled that one, and as to "Omo" (which I promptly typed in as "mom" the first time - kind of ironic) ... I surely have never seen nor heard of that one... maybe it was a more territorial product?

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    10 years ago

    I think the empty boxes will even sell if they are in good condition. I remember Oxydol, think it was still sold in the 80's here in the US, and I saw Omo in Morocco a couple years ago. Detergent tablets come and go here in the US, the problem in the 60's was that they didn't dissolve well and ate holes in clothing, so people stopped buying it. They gave out free samples of another brand of tablet soap, within the last 10 years but think the price was expensive (because of convenience) and you had to use 2 of them for a large load. I wasn't impressed and stayed with Tide.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes, I do indeed remember Oxydol & Rinso. I don't remember Omo but I do remember Salvo, the laundry tablet.

  • 10 years ago

    I remember them all . i don't know if it was an an urban myth or not but I recall it was said if a housewife put an OMO box on the window ledge it meant 'on my own' as a signal to her lover.

    I can recall dolly blues and sunlight soap too. So many of the old products have gone now , i was looking for cardianl polish only a few weeks ago and found another firm that still makes the red tile polish.Anyone remember Gibbs toothpaste in a little round tin?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    We must have had them here in the States because I remember Oxydol and Rinso. They don't make Oxydol any more?

  • The names, Oxydol and Rinso, seem familiar, but I don't know what the products clean.

    I don't know of Omo at all. Only Apollo Ono.

  • lizzy
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    10 years ago

    Hi i certainly do remember my mum using omo, tide and persil, also she used to buy a large bar of green soap and cut it up into pieces one for the kitchen and one for the new indoor bathroom my dad and uncle installed in one of the bedrooms [me and my sister had the parlour for a bedroom much bigger i recall. an older lady i got to know in yorkshire used to use Rinso.

    Source(s): Mum's kitchen and the huge ammount of washing on a monday!
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