Ex-girlfriend lied about being her pregnancy not being mine. Whats the worst case scenario?

I'm 24 and this all happened in April 10. My g/f at the time was finishing up college and was moving back home in a few weeks so we decided to end it at the end of the month. The last time we had sex was in April where we didn't have a condom (I know, not smart) but I still pulled out. She was never late before but now she was 2-3 weeks late. I had her go to the school doctors 3 times and all 3 times the preg test came up negative. Then the first week of May she told me she got her period. She moved back home and apparently was seeing some guy immediately.

Now I just ran into her a few days ago and she told me shes 5 months pregnant but told me "don't worry, its not mine". Hypothetically speaking, lets say the kid turns out to be mine, whats the worst case scenario and what are the chances the kid actually is mine with the given scenario. Is there any way I could tell now if the child is mine? I've heard things like bleeding in the first month of pregnancy and doctors not knowing exactly when you got pregnant and pregnancy tests showing up negative for several weeks so this scares me. It also seems as if she wants the child.

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    If she had gotten pregnant in April when you said you had last had intercourse, She would probably be close to be 7.5-8 months pregnant by now and you say she said she was only 5. That's dates obviously don't match up to the time when she would have became pregnant. And pregnancy tests usually do not lie.

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    It sounds to me like it would be very unlikely it would be yours. If April 10 is the last time you had sex, she'd be 24-25 weeks along, which is typically referred to 6 months +. If she's only 5 months at this moment (so she says), I'd say it's also not yours. Her period also makes me think the baby is not yours. There are not any reasonably safe ways to do DNA testing (yes, CVS tests and amnio, but those have risks that do not outweigh the reasoning). You'll have to wait until the baby is born if you're really serious about this. HOWEVER, if she's getting serious with this new guy of hers, you may ask her if she wants you to forgo the paternity test at the end of the birth in exchange for signing off any potential paternity rights or custody and support duties. Let her know you think it's in the best interest of the child to have a father that's in the picture (ie married to her) and if it's not going to be you, maybe it should be this guy. This will save you the heart ache of her coming to you after 5 years saying it was actually your baby, you owe 5 years of back child support, and oh, yeah, here's a child that does not even know you. Downside is that if it really is your child, you'll never know. Other upside is that if she's marrying this new boyfriend, HE is the father and can play a much better day to day role than you would be able to on the side lines.

    Just throwing out a few ideas to think about.

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    The worst case scenario is that it is yours and she doesn't tell you because she is protecting you plus when she does have it she doesn't put you name on the birth certificate so you won't be the father and therefore won't be able to get joint custody or whatever. That's only saying you want to have a kid, but from the story you wrote it doesn't seem like you do, so on the flip side your safe from child support if she doesn't put your name down as the father.

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