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Where do little children get so much energy from?!?

I mean, they eat so little as compared to adults, yet they remain indefatigable!!!

If you don't believe me...let me tell you what I've seen :)

On a seven-hour train journey recently, I found most adults drooping and wilting while children's energy, verve and chatter remained quite unaffected till the very end!

What is their secret, according to you?

Thanks :)


@ George: I do run in circles...but seldom when my mind and body are at ease ;))

Update 2:

@ Phil: Those children ranged from 4 to 10 years! Very active and alert...both mentally and physically...none too overweight or over-interested in food, except for the ice-cream :) And, this happened both times...while going and coming, with different sets of children!

Update 3:

@ Spiritualseeker: Its true that they weren't "lost" in thoughts...they were perpetually 'presenting' thoughts as they arose.

In a mean way ;) I think 'nameless' is correct....they were drawing energy from their parents' answers...chewing and spitting fresh set of questions at them, lol...sometimes just playing among themselves!

A truly lively bunch that I paid covert attention to...quietly observing them from under my closed eyes :)

Update 4:

Agreed, okei, love and friendships are alternate sources of energy :))

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    We drain our energy through thought process. These children are seldom "totally" lost in thought. They are admirably closer to the 'present' than we can ever imagine. They seldom miss to take notice of things happening around. They lack communication skills to describe all that they notice.

    Now, this thought process, it drains energy, and at the same time, prevents the body to draw energy! We think that food is the only source, and stomach the only battery charger. When we are too happy, we do not feel that hunger so badly! When we are awe-fully excited, due to something awesome, we are closer to the present, and less lost in thought process.

    You gave that example of children during train journey. There is a still more irritating example. Please look at a small baby which is yet to turn over to lie down on its stomach and lift its head a little (that small in age). All it can do during its waking hours is to cycle its legs in air, and put up its arms with fist closed, punching in air. It does this activity most of the time. The only intake is a few millilitres of its mother's milk (not litres/gallons). Now try to imagine ourselves lying down beside that baby and imitating the same physical gestures, for equal length of time. We too can sleep when the baby sleeps. We can eat all the calorie rich food available all over the globe, to be able to store necessary energy. This baby draws energy all the time, through air, water, light, etc. The skin is clean and tender, it breathes fresh oxygen rich air (ancient elders, doctors, etc advise only loose clothing for a tender baby). This child seldom engages in any thought process.

    (Traditionally, in ancient Indian 'way of life', those who step into spiritual path are put on practices that helps a person to drop dramatically on food needs for energy. Dependence is thus bare minimum, on others, making that precious time available for gainful meditative practices. Such people eat just a fist full, once in several days, and sustain quite energetically on just water, air, and light. Eyes are input device for energy, mainly, not just for 'seeing' as we commonly 'see' ! It can also be used to deliver energy. We have stories, myths about graceful-glances, etc.)

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    I dont think there are any, I think age is irrelevant and that HEALTH and the type of person you are is more relevant. I have known young parents that are overweight, in bad health, no energy so cannot deal well with young children. They also didnt have enough money to feed their children healthy diets, or little time to spend with them due to having to work the whole time. I have known older people that are in better shape, healthy have more energy, more money and self employed meaning they can work from home and be with their children the whole time rather than having others bring up the child. some homeschool, but that depends where you stand on homeschooling as to whether you think its a good thing or not, personally Im all for homeschooling. Also they MAY of had more experiences depending on the lifestyles they have lived, so more knowledge to pass on. By MAY I mean I have met elderly people that never moved or ever left the same town, married at 16, did the same job, their finances always stayed the same, they weren't ever exposed to different lifestyles, cultures. They did the same thing day in day out for their entire lives, i am not saying there is anything at all wrong with that if that is what makes you happy but somebody who has been through all that they havnt and is a teen or in their twenties will have more 'life' experience. Im sure there are reverse examples for each but that is just my examples which is against the stereotypes people build up

  • Their innocent animated spirits I believe, also since they rarely suffer from extreme stress like teenagers and adults do, that is why they have such a lively and full abundance of energy.

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    I just asked my six year old son, and he said, fruit and vegetables; strange really, he doesn't like vegetables!

    From my point, I would simple say it is 'natural' for children to have such energy and try not to analysis it too much; it is a bit like the Tao, they do without really thinking.

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    Children are absolute potential. Their brains are saturated with limitless amounts of the chemical that enables one to pay attention, and they haven't corrupted their bodies with laziness and bad health decisions.

    We can learn a lot from them.

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    "New" things always cause us to become "more animated."

    By the time you're my age (46) you've learned to either save or exhaust your energy levels based on current biological and sociological situations.

    Kids naturally have an abundance of energy because they have to in order to get along with their similarly young peers.

    We are imitative, biological beings, not "trapped" in our bodies, but "limited by ourselves which "are" our bodies."

    No amount of deep thinking will ever change that, and no amount of lofty, "rise above ourselves thinking" will ever put a dent in our billions of years of evolutionary development.

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    "eat so little"!?!?

    Now that my boy is gone my food bill has been cut to about a tenth what it was with him. I guess it's the ratio of body size to food quantity that makes little ones seem like they don't eat much. My son is bigger than me, and I'm 225 pounds (lean).

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    Maybe all of those E-Numbers? They're always demanding sweets at the shopping centre and parents usually give in.

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    They don't have to work and worry all day like you do. If your mind and body were always as ease don't you think you'd feel like running in circles too?

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