Examples of bad writing in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series?

Lots of people tell me that Twilight is badly written. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a direct few sentences, or paragraphs of writing in any of the four books which are particularly bad?

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    The one that stood out to me most was in New Moon, page 476 (which I only know because the line was that bad):

    Aro started to laugh. "Ha, ha, ha," he chuckled.

    That's three times in two sentences Meyer told us Aro was laughing. I'm sure most people over the age of five know what laughter sounds like so I'm pretty certain we don't need a 'ha, ha, ha' and 'chuckled' tagged on to demonstrate that.

    Then later, on page 479, just three pages after that, she does it again:

    "Ha, ha, ha," he laughed, his head still bent forward.

    That's not bad grammar per se, but it's an instance of how Meyer doesn't allow her audience to imagine things for themselves. She describes everything (particularly Edward) in such great detail that it leaves the reader with little to imagine for themselves. I like ambiguous character descriptions because, firstly, appearance, unless vital to the plot, isn't very important, and secondly, it allows me to imagine the characters as I wish.

    I can't find the specific references (it's far too daunting a task to wade through four books for them), but Meyer uses the same adjectives and descriptions to describe Edward -- and other vampires -- again and again. It became tedious after a while.

    Anyway, I hope this has been of some use to you :)

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    Bad Writing Examples

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    Examples Of Bad Writing

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    Take a chapter of Twilight. Type it up into Word. Run a word count. Remove all superfluous adjectives, especially any relating to Edward's "perfect" X or similar. Run a word count. See my point.

    Also, characterisation (bad writing is more than the technical nuances of grammar and spelling). Bella is meant to be a kind, mature girl who loves reading classic literature. Contrary to this, she makes immature, bitchy comments about her fellow students (describing Mike as being like a golden retriever, or Eric as a greasy chess club type, for example), mopes and isolates herself after Edward leaves in New Moon (she could have spoken to her friends, and used that support network, had sleepovers to distract her and stuff) shows little horror at seeing a bunch of tourists heading to be eaten by the Volturi, and abandons her friends without a second thought when she becomes a vampire. Additionally, throughout the whole of the first book, we see signs of her bookishness thrice, all for plot related reasons (one - so she can fall asleep and have a dream about Edward, two - so she can be frustrated that all the heroes of her favourite books are called Edward or similar names, three - going to the bookshop, and getting lost, so she can be rescued by Edward and his Shiny Volvo tm). She could have mentioned Bella carrying her books around school with her, or sorting them to put on her bookshelf, and how it's difficult to reach the books at the top of her large bookcase because she has so many, or running out of room in said bookshelf. Similar things can be said for the others.

    Finally, the massive research fails. Renesme shouldn't be a 'perfect baby', she has 23 paired chromasomes and 2 unpaired - generally 'left over' chromasomes lead to conditions such as Down's Syndrome, and it is likely that Edward's vampire 'sperm' wouldn't be compatible with Bella's human ova (you can't mate humans and chimps, for example). And there is Isle Esme off the west coast of Brazil - the west coast of Brazil, AKA Peru.

    Source(s): Anti-Twilight sites. Can't name or link due to fear of trolling by very hardcore Twilight fans. They are easily accessible by searching for "anti-twilight", however.
  • the entire thing is poorly written with an over dramatic plot about a girl who can't live without a boy. Just read any random page out of any of her books and you'll see.

    And she breaks all the vampire ruler for her stupid story i.e vampires and walk in daylight, have babies, not drink blood and not have sex!

    She took something real cool and made them lame and girly!

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    Ninatta was nice enough to be specific, but i don't have that kind of time.

    >The series is plagued with grammar/spelling mistakes.

    >S.Meyer places big words in simple sentences to make the books seem more advanced, yet misuses words i learned in first grade.

    >S.Meyer overuses Purple Prose. In fact, if you take all the PP out, the books would be half their lengths.

    >She constantly defies biology, not to mention her own rules. Vampires can't cry, blush, sleep, pee, etc. but Edward's little soldiers survived in his cold, marble penis for over one hundred years? Please.

    >S.Meyer repeats the same adjectives/phrases over and over again. She seriously needs to discover a Thesaurus. I think she used the word "dazzling" maybe 500 times throughout the saga. And cheesy phrases like "his sweet breath," "glorious face," etc. Not to mention, she over describes Edward, yet writes Bella off as "average looking".

    >The characters.

    Bella is a spineless, whiny doormat who's obsessed with her boyfriend. She's also the biggest Mary Sue in literary history besides Nancy Drew. All her flaws are so fake. She's clumsy (the stupidest "flaw" ive ever heard) but how does this make her life harder in any way? Edward thinks it's adorable/funny and it's just another excuse for him to stalk/"protect" her every page you turn. She's nerdy...since when is this a flaw? Last time i checked, being smart was a virtue. S.Meyer tries to make it seem like this impacts her social life, yet 2,3,5 guys chase after her and all the girls want to be her friend. The only ones that don't are portrayed as mean in general. She's an anti-social/feminist twit.

    Edward is a controlling, weird, 108 year old virgin creep. He monopolizes Bella and their relationsihp is far from normal. And not in a good way, like S.Meyer tries to make it seem. In a seriously creepy way.

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    First sentences: "My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down. It was seventy-five degrees in Phoenix, the sky a perfect, cloudless blue. I was wearing my favorite shirt — sleeveless, white eyelet lace; I was wearing it as a farewell gesture. My carry-on item was a parka."


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    You take a seat and read a booklet and the characters unfold in that vast landscaping which is your brain and imagination and the scope is hundreds, a huge selection of times greater than the unpleasant Television set world basically

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    well, i mainly think the plot is in a soap opera's level- which is not deep and way silly. (i love him, but i'm not, but i do, but it can't be, but it has to... looks, kisses)

    i read only the first book. when i finished it, there was the chapter of the 2nd book at the end.

    i was so happy i finally managed reading it all- that after i saw there was another one- i just couldn't bear it. didn't really care what happens to them next.

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