I have a washing machine with the tumble dryer built in?

I have been given a washer dryer and i dont know if i am using it right. It washes ok ,but when it comes to drying not so good. I have left it on for about 2 hrs and the clothes are really hot but still damp. How long does it normally take for it to dry a load. I have never used one before, it seems odd that clothes should come out so hot, wont it shrink them?

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    You can only dry half a load at a time. Make sure you have spun them well first.

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    Drying is usually hot, I have a washer dryer and iv had it for a while. At first it was fine, slower than a normal tumble drier but still ok. Now however it sounds exactly the same as yours. I could have it on all day and I dont think it would dry my washing. It only really started when I moved house though I think, so I'm not sure it could be something to do with the installation or it could just be that washer/dryers are pretty crap! I've heard the latter from other people too. I bought a dryer instead and just use my washer/dryer for washing now. It might be worth getting someone to come and have a look at it, but it could end up being quite expensive.

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    Tumble dryers can normally not handle a big a load as a washing machine, so some of these combined units you have to remove half of the wet clothes before you stick it in tumble dryer mode. So I'd try that first, Then stick the clothes on for about 30 mins and see what they're like.

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    Generally, the dryer washing machine combo is not as good as a seperate dryer.

    However, having said that, clothes normally take about an hour to dry. If your heat is set too high on the machine, the clothes will feel hot to the touch. Set it to a lower degree, but then it will take longer to dry.

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