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Colposcopy..why did my cervical biopsy hurt so bad?

I had my first ever smear test and the results came back abnormal so had to go to hospital for a Coloscopy. I wasn't worried as i read and researched all about it on what to expect as such. (I was very nervous with the smear as it was my first ever but the nurse was fantastic and supportive all the way through and i got the impression the Colposcopy would be similar)

Getting to hospital and in the room we had a brief chat and got started..the chair looked like some scary thing from a dentist horror movie all brown worn down leather.

At first she had difficulty with the speculum, my body kept pushing it out, she kept telling me to relax but if you ask me i think its the way your led, slightly bent unlike my first smear i was flat on my back with no problems. She had difficulties finding my cervix so needed a longer speculum to my horror but she reassured me that taller women can tend to be "Deeper" than others.

Anyway it was in, and then one of the nurses asked me if i'd like to see my cervix, i agreed, grossed me out for a few seconds but then i was fascinated. i saw a big white lump around my cervix which she was trying to scrape off thinking it was just mucus but it was solid, with that she said i needed a Biopsy..

I wasn't too botherd as she and all the info i read said it would be just a slight uncomfortable pinch..

She showed me a long thin instrument with a thicker end with what looked like teeth and other end with scissor like handles and in she went. she kept telling me to cough and i heard a click noise and a big shooting pain that made me flinch. i started to shake a little as i found it quite painfull, on the end i saw a tiny tiny piece of flesh on the end about the size of one of those little white balls you'd find in a bean bag.

She then said to the nurse she needed to do it again! in she went.. but my god this time the pain was intense! it went on a couple of seconds longer than the last one and i slid up the chair saying OW OW PLEASE STOP then started shaking and burst into tears. The tissue she took was a lot bigger and the instrument was covered in blood.

Why Did this hurt so much??

After dressing we talked, the doctor then went on in telling me i may need a similar procedure done where i have some of my cervix removed, as the cells may be a problem and its a step to get rid for good ( i dont remember much about it to be honest or the name for that procedure, a blur as i couldn't get over what had happened) i panicked and one of the nurses said i would be injected but im not fond of needles and then she said i could be put to sleep. the doctor then said it would be my best option as i didn't take this so well..i felt really stupid when she said that like i was some wimp?

Even my mum was shocked by my pain, she had the same biopsy done, yet the doc injected her first leaving the room to let it kick in so she was all numb for hers? and she only had the one biopsy done with very little or any blood?

I dont want to scare any of you girls by this if you've never had one, i just want to know why this hurt so much, has anyone experienced this before?


Thanks for your reply kim, it helped to know that it wasnt just me being silly.. not that i'd wish it on you or anyone. Also, im glad your results just come back normal, some good news.

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    Oooohhh yes! I had a cervical biopsy done about a month ago, and the pain was excruciating!

    Similarly, I was sent to a gynecologist whom I didn't know, who was extremely dismissive when I pointed out that I always have a little pain and bleeding every time something touches my cervix (I have a friable cervix, and that's why they were doing the biopsy). She assured me that she never caused pain or serious bleeding, and it would just be a light pinch.

    Well, let me tell you, I'm no lightweight when it comes to pain, but I darn near ripped the arm-rests of that horrid dentist's chair thing. Like you, I started begging her to stop, but she just said nothing to me and continued snipping anyway. She then started asking her nurse for more and more gauze pads, because let me tell you, I was really bleeding! She kept shoving little gauze pads up there (the speculum's in this whole time!) and then taking them out as they were sopping with blood. She ended up filled an entire metal tray with blood soaked gauze, before she resorted to some weird gooey stuff that looked like molasses. That didn't seem to work, because she tried it twice (more gauze in between), and then she tried cauterizing my cervix with silver nitrate... twice. Let me just add, she said NOTHING to me, this whole time, even though I was crying.

    Even after she'd given up and allowed me to get dressed, she didn't offer anything in the way of an apology, and told me that if there was any problem with the biopsy, I'd have to come back for another. Let me tell you, I was in agony with cramps after that stupid lady had done her thing, and I bled from the vagina for six days! Not my period: REALLY bleeding.

    Similarly, I don't want to scare anybody, because I really think that this procedure was just badly done by a bad doctor. I've never had a cervical biopsy before, but I can't believe that any doctor would perform such a procedure, without anesthetic, knowing that it would be that painful.

    Don't feel like a wimp. I'd say that you just had a bad experience, like I did.

    If it helps, I've actually made an appointment with my GP (who was the one who first referred me for the biopsy, and who is a lovely lady and an ex-gynecologist) to talk about the biopsy and see if I have any grounds to file a complaint with the hospital that performed it.

    The biopsy came back totally normal, by the way.

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