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Did you ever got discriminated because of your gender?

men and women please tell me a specific event where you were discriminated

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    When I worked at 24 gas station I was told I should work all the late night shifts simply because I was male, while my female co-worker worked the day shifts.

    So what ? being male make you immune to violence?

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    I figure everyone has. It's happened to me, though for the most part it hasn't been anything serious. I haven't been passed over for a job because I'm a man the way a few guys I know have been, for instance. I had one particularly sexist teacher in 7th grade who graded everything done by us boys harder than she did the girls. I still made A's in that class. It helped out there were only a few of us boys in the class so I usually had to work with girls. On the assignments it was just us boys working on, we almost always made bad grades. Once or twice we might've deserved it, but not every time.

    Most other things have been more annoying than anything else. I haven't been able to get help at stores because I'm a guy, I've been expected to sit back and let the women go first to get food, that kind of thing. I've probably been pretty lucky with it so far.

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    Yes. I think everyone has in some way. I have had a sexist teacher here and there, encountered sexist people over the course of my life, many people in my family are sexist, etc.

    One of the tamer examples would be my high school Algebra teacher. He was also the school's football coach. Rarely did he listen to the girls in his class, and he has been well known amongst graduated students as a sexist teacher for years.

    I know for a fact that I was discriminated against; numerous times I would compare my 'D' test with my male friends who's answers were exactly the same. Guess what they got? Consistent A's and B's. It was my fault for not drawing attention to this, but I was very young at the time and didn't feel like making an issue out of it. Boys would get extensions on homework due-dates and more help as far as tutoring.

    I think part of the problem was my stance on high school sports: yawn. Yawning at high school sports in a small town is lynch-worthy stuff.

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    There was only one time in which I felt discriminated against enough to be upset about it. My first job was at a fast food joint,and I hated the idea of being a cashier and having to deal with customers,so I asked if I could be in the back working the grill. The manager told me he preferred keeping girls up front and men in the back because women deal with customers better. I didn't stay at that job very long.

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    Only twice in my life have I ever faced gender discrimination. Both happened when I was a child. The first was when I took a karate class. I was the only girl and I was constantly berated by the teacher. My brother was in the same class so he witnessed the whole thing. We both dropped the class. I don't know what happened after we told our parents what happened.

    The second time was when I played soccer. Again, my brother and I were on the same team so he witness it all. But he wasn't the only one this time. I happened to be the best player on the team, yet my coach wouldn't give me any play time because I was a girl. The parents of the other players (not only of my teammates, but parents of the kids on the other teams) noticed that I was never allowed to play and confronted the coach about it. After that, he was forced to let me play.

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    Yes! I am a girly girly on the outside, and a major tomboy on the inside, so that makes me hang out a lot with guys. I feel more comfortable around them, and its because I like the things we talk about better and things like that. A lot of people, especially girls, think that just because I hang out with a lot of guys it means I am their whore or something. And it does get to me sometimes. Last year I had the worst experience ever:( I got drunk with a lot of guys, and well a guy I had a intellectual connection with got me alone in a room and got me give him a bj. Then he told his 2 other friends that I would do it and I did for them. They used me like that. So, yeah things can happen but i just try not to have too much fun around guys anymore because I dont want that to happen again.

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    I was told I was "too pretty" to work in a landscaping job. Come to think of it, though, there weren't any good-looking GUYS there, either. Maybe I just THINK it was because of my gender.

    I play a lot of sports. I, in my youth, was awesome at them. But I often got overlooked because I am female, say, "picking sides". Until they got to know me, then I was usually picked in the first round. But that is stereotyping based on gender. Not, really, without merit, frankly.

    Source(s): I am still the only woman I have ever known who can toss pizzas.
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    Well, one time, I walked into a cafe I thought was cool, and I said I needed a job.

    And they told me "We have enough cooks. We need two more girls to work the register, but if you can't cook, we don't have anything for you."

    I thought that kind of sucked.

    Then again, I got a job that paid about three times as much as the cafe job a month later, so I can't exactly claim it ruined my life.

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    i was in a relationship with a girl for 7 years and she abused me.

    When i told social services what was going on the individual social worker laughed when she was that i stopped going to college because my ex girlfriend was accusing me of being with other girls in college and hitting me for it.

    Even with my ex girlfriends admission of this and other instances of abuse, my children's word for it too including her abuse against the children, the social worker actually said "you do know i don't believe any this happened?" and I'm sure she was deliberately taunting me when she said that

    When we told her about the controlling behaviors like not letting me read the newspaper, writing a list of my internet history, going through my phone bill, searching my clothes when i get in from work, accusing a dog of coming on to me, getting angry if i talk to friends, not allowing me to leave the house without her unless i was going to work and locking me in the bedroom when she was going out the social worker "but that's normal, that's natural it's just something girls do".

    They went to so much effort to hide the truth even going as far as to say i was mentally ill. i did complain about how i was treated and they basically took no notice they told me that statistic show women get abused and men abuse so their priority is to protect women, men just have to protect themselves which of course is near impossible without their help when children are involved.

    In court the judge did say he was concerned by the approach of social services and i was awarded a residence order, social services pop their heads up from time to time when my ex phones them up for a moan they are still trying to bully me but i just tell them that without a court order they aren't even gaining access to my home and if they persist I'll call the police and have them charged under the protection from harassment act so they leave me alone.

    But i was discriminated against at first and it upsets me a lot.

    It's not right that so called professionals can behave that way.

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    Unbuttoning the top part of my shirt and starting to cry did not work nearly as well for me as it worked for my wife when SHE got pulled over by the cops.....

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