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Hacked kids in the sims 2 boobs?

I have some hacked sims 2 children, and I know that this sounds a little perverted, but I'm not trying to be a perv.

How can you get their boobs bigger?

Yeah, you probably couldn't keep a straight face reading that, but I REALLY wanna know!!!!!

I tried the sims 2 exchange- Jessica or whatever her name was- and there were NO items!!!!!!

So, can Anyone help me?????????????

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    Jess account on exchange got deleted, and shes not making a new one. On TheSims2 Just search boobed. or mesh. or thehontry1. or jessicooo. Some people have very similar outfits to hers, And I personaly think they dont look the greatest with the bigger boobs, so yea. Lol. But they have alot of nice outifts.

  • 9 years ago

    I'd say you'd have to design a different body type mesh if you can't find one already, and then design (or don't) clothes to fit the mesh.

  • You won't find anything sexual at all for children on any custom content site. You'll need to create your own mesh.

  • 4 years ago

    Isnt it in the character selection menu

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