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Dying natural blonde hair red?

hello friends :)

i have never dyed my hair before, and now... i feel like it's time. I want to go red. some people are advising me not to because they say that i'll never get my natural hair colour back... so idk.

i really want to dye it!

but i want to know all of the precautions, and aftermath kinda stuff i should know before dying it.

this is the colour i want :


oh, I'm also fair.. with blue eyes, do you think this is a good colour?

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    what i did when i wanted my natural color back, but still wanted to dye it was use semi permanent/non permanent dye. it will wash out in about a month. if you like it, you can keep redying it, if not, just wait a month!

  • 4 years ago

    in case you somewhat need it and you basically extremely want a substitute then of direction you will possibly desire to do it. I do propose utilising henna because of the fact that is a safer plant dye then utilising the chemical components. ( My buddy stated it for me and that i like it.) in the beginning, I propose which you attempt a non everlasting dye which will properly be washed out basically for like an afternoon to work out in case you somewhat like the colour and it seems good on you. Then in case you like it and pick to extremely dye it bypass to a salon do no longer dye it your self. additionally in case you prefer to bypass back on your popular hair colour purchase a dye this is close to to an identical colour and basically watch on your hair to enhance out. playstation . Use shampoos and conditioners specifically made for dyed hair. have relaxing and good success!

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