Is it possible for someone to discover your name address or telephone number by using the netstat command?

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Is it possible for a home user to track you down using the netstat command ,finding out your personal details ?If not how would someone find anothers address .I am not thinking of more
Update : Thank you all - i have a secondary question. How is it possible for a more
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What your listening to is a lot of myth, tittle tattle and rumour.

No one can get your home address from an IP address without a
High Court Order and a very good reason for wanting it nor any
personal details either other than what you put on the internet

Second part of your question yes they can. If someone notifies
the authorities in an urgent case such as an impending suicide
then the Police can get straight in touch with an ISP to get any
information regarding getting a home address from them.

The Police have special powers to deal with certain situations
and can only be authorised by a senior ranking officer.

A rank and file officer can't do it on his own.



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Thank you everyone ,we are getting things clearer ,I wish I could award you all best answer.
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  • D G answered 4 years ago
    Yes, Absolutely, positively, categorically is the answer to the first question. The easiest way to prevent, Internet harassment is to configure your browser, social website account and e-mail address. For example if, someone wanted to trace you or vice versa through an e-mail address. All it takes is for that person to have enabled Headers. There are different ways of enabling Headers in the various e-mail providers. The links below will show you some examples.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    IP's can't be traced back the user. Only as far as the ISP.

    Only your ISP knows who is using his IP's that are assigned.
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  • Cobra answered 4 years ago
    No, it is not. They would be able to determine your IP address, which is no good as it's dynamic anyhow (ie keeps changing), so don't worry about it. As for your 'friend' saying they can do this with this command, they are talking a load of bull.
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