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Whatever happened to the peace loving, pot smoking liberals of the 60's & 70's?...?

...Nowadays liberals so hate filled. Why?

Just look at the hate and vitriol they direct at the President, Vice-President, Senator McCain & Governor Palin. Whatever happened to disagreeing w/o being disagreeable?

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    I am hesitant to employ the stereotype here because stereotypes are often inaccurate. However, I understand too well what you are referring to have to bother with a clarification question. Anyone who hasn't been living on a desert island has encountered very doctrinaire Liberals who absolutely disdain those who don't share their value system. There is a historical reason for this.

    Back before I was born and continuing until the early Sixties, there was a more or less unified American culture. Granted, there were sub-cultures based on racial, religious, ethnic or other factors, but overall there was a dominant culture. General circulations magazines such as Life, Look and The Saturday Evening Post flourished. There was a "Hit Parade" on TV that our entire family watched--young and old.

    Then came the Sixties, which coincided nicely with the earliest of the Baby Boomers coming of college age. Add to this mix the unpopular Viet Nam war, a readiness to try illicit drugs and a very large proportion of early Baby Boomers going off to college and Viola! we had a cultural upheaval that destroyed perhaps irretrievably the unity of the culture.

    Sixties Liberals--those who marched against the draft or racism or in favor of Caesar Chavez or whatever cause they supported--felt virtuous and morally upright. At least, that is the stereotype. The reality was somewhat different.

    The youth culture did not affect everyone to the same degree--if at all. Where you lived and what you were studying affected what extent you adopted youth cultural values. If you went to Columbia where you majored in Sociology and defecated on the dean's desk, you probably were seriously into the Sixties thing. On the other hand, if you worked your way through Purdue to get a degree in Electrical Engineering, odds favored that you adopted very little if any of the cultural values of the Sixties.

    Time has been unkind to those who were wild and crazy Sixties Liberals. Middle age, mortgages, children and grandchildren, retirement planning, long term care insurance, etc. have forced them to grow up to some degree. But, in their hearts, they still remember the Kent State Riots, smoking dope in the dorm, getting lucky at anti-war rallies, etc. They may have gotten older, grayer and heavier, but in their hearts they still see themselves as being the same. I suspect that some of them really are unchanged in their core beings.

    The McCain/Palin ticket represents values that the Sixties Liberals rejected very forcefully long ago.

    Two examples will suffice to illustrate my point.

    Senator John S. McCain, III's was shot down over North Viet Nam in 1967. He was a guest of the North Viet Nam for six long years. He refused early release because that would have meant violating the code of conduct that the prisoners at the "Hanoi Hilton" had established for themselves. How many leftover Sixties Liberals ever developed the interpersonal resources necessary enable them to withstand torture and to resist early release out of a sense of loyalty to a group. No, John McCain's courage and loyalty to his brothers in arms is a far cry from the dope smoking, self indulgent Sixties mentality.

    Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth to a Downes Syndrome baby earlier this year. It is unlikely that having a fifth child during her second year as governor was a very convenient thing for her. Further, the baby had Downes Syndrome. Gov. Palin decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, knowing full well the problems that would entail. By getting pregnant at her relatively advanced age and then keeping a Downes Syndrome baby, Gov. Palin actually lived up to her religious beliefs when very inconvenient and rejected abortion based on principle. Her actions were totally contrary to those that would have been taken by many Liberal women, if they were still young enough to be able to get pregnant.

    The vitriolic Liberals have attack Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain so vehemently because their lives give testimony to the fact that not everyone who lived through the Sixties accepted the false values of the era. The thought that there are people out there who, just like the Liberals' parents, reject their values must be very, very threatening to them. Hence the vehemence.

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    We did not accept or like hypocrites in the 60s and 70s. We still don't. Today's dominant christians and their leaders have become political and thus hypocrites. Your premise is backwards, which is all too common with conservative noise these days. That movement you speak of is blooming again and just elected Obama by a margin of about 9 million votes. Been there, done that, and still doing it. There is no difference between fighting against the Viet Nam war and a crooked Nixon and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or a crooked Bush/Cheney cabal. It is so funny to hear today's conservatives speak of Christ when he would be the first to condemn their actions and words.

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    Liberals see the country regressing to a primitive period with neanderthals at the helm who are driven by religious zeal masqueraded by sex appeal.

    Really the difference is in the 60s we didnt know what scoundrels people were except for the Vietnam War. Cable news, satellite information and the internet have revolutionized the information age for everyone but we didnt grow up with these and still think for ourselves and are aghast at the mediocre politicians we can now see in the flesh on TV every day. They were anonymous back then. More information to sift through lends itself to distortion and a public that is is not using critical thinking.

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    9 years ago

    Mos stop smoking pot, had kids, and became the 80s Republicans.

    Now they're in their early sixties and belong to the Tea Party.

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    9 years ago

    We are the peace-loving, pot smoking liberals of the present.

    A few capitalists monopolize the USA. We are still there.

  • 9 years ago

    They took a wrong turn in the forking road ...

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    9 years ago

    Yep, they became Teabaggers.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They all got jobs in Washington, D.C.

  • 9 years ago

    They have grown up and taken on a different approach..


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    9 years ago

    They are mean and hate filled nowadays.

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