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differences between ansi and ascii?

what is the differences between ansi and ascii in laymans terms

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    ASCII is the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a 7-bit computer character code of 128 characters numbered from 0 to 127. See .

    When invented, it was expected that the ASCII character set would normally run in an 8-bit environment and the 8th bit could be used for other purposes, either parity checking ( ) or for additional characters ( ). Character sets that contain additional characters number from 128 to 255 are known as Extended ASCII Character Sets, and there are a lot of them, all incompatible.

    Accordingly, in 1974, ECMA (the “European Computer Manufacturers Association”) which was involved in character set standards created what they hoped would become the standard extended ASCII for major languages of western European origin, including English. See ). This computer set was adopted by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization in 1985 and first implemented on the Commodore Amiga that same year. It was implemented by Microsoft on Windows 3.0 in 1990.

    The original Microsoft implementation added the curly apostrophe characters ‘ and ’ as implementations of the control characters PU1 and PU2 (“Private Use 1” and “Private Use 2”), presumably feeling that these were the most important characters missing. But desktop publishing was big them, the Macintosh had the desktop publishing market, in part because of a larger character set. So with Windows 3.1, Microsoft added most of the additional Macintosh characters into their Windows character set to match their opposition in place of ISO-defined control characters, deciding that they would not implement the extended control characters in any case. But for years these characters appeared only as black boxes on the system screen fonts to indicate these were not really standard.

    This character set was listed by IBM as code page 1252 ( ). Microsoft also called it the ANSI code page.

    ANSI is the U.S. standards organization (American National Standards Institute) and they have often issued U.S. national standards that were almost identical with the ISO international standards, but they never issued such a standard for this character set.

    It is now suggested that there were at one time plans to issue such a standard, but so far as I know, no-one has ever documented this. Some suspect that Microsoft used the word ANSI to prevent radical conservatives from complaining that Microsoft was adopting a fairy European character set, guessing that those who semi-thought this way would be too stupid to ever figure out that ANSI was not involved. If so, it seems to have worked.

    The word “ANSI” is still often incorrectly used when talking about code page 1252 and also about other similar code page introduced by Microsoft for central European languages, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Baltic languages, Vietnamese, and Thai. It is better not use for this.

    Essentially “ANSI”, when used in opposition to “ASCII”, means the Windows extended ASCII character set, usually code page 1252 but perhaps one of the other 256-character Windows character sets, or even all of them together.

    Nowadays both ASCII and ANSI character sets are most effectively obsolete as we now have Unicode which currently provides 107,156 characters in a single character set and is expanding. See .

    For information on character sets, see .

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    Ascii Vs Ansi

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    Ansi Vs Ascii

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    ANSI = American National Standards Institute, It's a group of Engineers that decide what standard different things should be set to.

    ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange, It's a standard that is explains how to encode text into Binary or Hexadecimal format.

    ASCII is one of many ANSI standards.

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    differences between ansi and ascii?

    what is the differences between ansi and ascii in laymans terms

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    Ansi is an organization which has given standard code for alphanumeric numbers known as ascii

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    "A standard for the set of values used to represent characters in digital computers. The ANSI code standard extended the previously created ASCII seven bit code standard (ASA X3.4-1963), with additional codes for European alphabets (see also Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code or EBCDIC). In Microsoft Windows, the phrase "ANSI" refers to the Windows ANSI code pages (even though they are not ANSI standards).[5] Most of these are fixed width, though some characters for ideographic languages are variable width. Since these characters are based on a draft of the ISO-8859 series, some of Microsoft's symbols are visually very similar to the ISO symbols, leading many to falsely assume that they are identical."

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    Could you give more details?

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