How many euros will I need for 1 week in Lanzarote (all inclusive)?

I am going away for a week with my dad, and don't know how many euros to take.

My dad doesn't drink, so I won't be out pubbing/clubbing and we are staying at an all-inclusive complex, so shouldn't need too much money for food etc.

I was thinking maybe about 150 euros (that's about £130) do you think this would be sufficient?

I will take my bank card with me anyway if I need anymore.

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    To be honest, it would work out slightly cheaper if you were to take your cashline card with you and just take money out of the cash machine rather than take money with you. The bank rate of exchange is pretty good when taking money out via the cashline. Lanzarote is fairly expensive but if you're all inclusive then as you say you won't need money for food or drink as that's all included in an all inclusive package. Drinking outside the complex is quite expensive, there are places do a pint for 2€ but that's just for local beer (Tropical usually), imported beers are more expensive. If you're souvenir buying then that's probably enough but be warned, Lanzarote is the second most expensive of the Canary Islands.

    Source(s): Lived in Lanzarote till recently.
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  • Jan409
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    1 decade ago

    Having been on several A/I holidays I'd take more than 150Euros

    I doubt if you are going to stay in the hotel all the time

    You'll probably want to go out and about and see the place, maybe take a boat trip, go an excursion

    what about gifts and things you might want to buy for yourself

    you might also want to eat out for a change, had the odd coffee out and about

    I'd take nearer 300 euros, because it will cost you dearly to use your bank card abroad

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