Would you Prefer Britain to stay as part of the EU? and what do you think about Immagration?

Well i really it would rather be Independant and so Britain can control its Borders again properly and stop all this Mass imagration becuase yes i might not be a "Native Britain" (im black british born) but its kinda gettin out of control now and like i go down birmingham and everyones speaking polish and Arabic or some sh!t and i dnno if its true but i heard immigrants are taking the majority of jobs at this time. Really i got nothing against immigrants but it needs to be under control is what im saying.

Yeah the BNP have a point on somethings they say but they want Britain for "whites only" and are very racist and should F@K OFF so ill vote UKIP. But no i think Britain shouldn't be part of the European Union, places like Switzerland have nice strong border control and monitor everyone who comes to live in there country and its all nice.

And to me having a "multi-cultrial" society dosent really appeal to me, imagine like 50 different religions and cultures "mongrolising" together, kinda mad.

Britain should be Independent and maintain border control!!!


Peter J- Exactly what im saying!

Yes we should except the Immagrants who will benefit out society not the ones who will sit on there *** claiming benefits and having 5 children

Update 2:

Jas B- You are True but really, my gran-parents came here to help recover the British economy from WWII and that generation of immigrants succeeded and the economy got healthy again.

But now the Population of Britain is growing a huge percentage are from this Generation of Immigrants, i have nothign against them but im saying it needs to be under control, Some schools in Britain are so multi-cultially diversed that they need to spend thousands on English to arabic or some other language translation. Will this be the Future of Britain? High Population numbers, 2 in 5 not speaking English?

The UK dosent NEED so many immagrants like they needed them back in the 1950-60's back then.

Really yes i do come from an immagration background but i am against SOME of this generation and the next generation of Immigrants.

Thanks for answering my Question but i dont agree with your answer but you have made me Think...

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  • Jas B
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    1 decade ago
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    I find it astounding to read such racist comments from a black Brit. You denounce the BNP because they want a white only Britain, which would make you an alien in your own country yet then state you do not want us to have a multi cultural society.

    It is Brits like you which make the UK a multi cultural society, and unlike you I think that is of great benefit to us all, including white Brits like me. Once you start to say it is ok for one group to stay but not another it is the slippery slope to our policies becoming more and more racist.

    There was a time when white Britons were saying what you say here about "i go down birmingham and everyones speaking polish and Arabic or some sh!t" it might have been about people from different countries than you refer to but it was the same racist comments. Yet today the children and grandchildren of those immigrants are as British as you or I, immigrant communities integrate, it may take a generation or two but it happens wherever they go in the world.

    When it comes to media coverage of immigration the facts that are given the floor, the context in which they are interpreted and the conclusions that then emerge make rational debate, let alone effective policy making, nigh impossible. The problem is not that the facts are selective – all facts are selected somehow and for some purpose. But they are selected poorly and with the specific intent of creating panic, fostering resentment and stoking xenophobia.

    To claim the statistics show that foreigners are to blame for rising unemployment is a leap of xenophobic bad faith. So it was last week when the Office for National Statistics released its most recent employment figures. The statistics showed a net increase of 188,000 people in work between April and June compared to January and March. Of those, the number of UK-born people employed rose by 41,000 (a 0.2% rise) and while those born outside the UK went up by 145,000 (a 3.9% rise). Compared with the same period in 2009 the figures showed an overall 101,000 increase in employment. Over this period, the number of UK-born people with jobs fell by 15,000 (-0.1%) while the number for those born outside the UK went up by 114,000 (3.1%).

    On their front page the Express announced "Foreigners get 77% of new jobs in Britain as too many of us live on benefits." Page two of the Mail declared: "Foreign workers surge by 114,000 … but the number of Britons with jobs falls." Meanwhile the Telegraph stated: "Record four out of five jobs going to foreigners between May and June."

    Each then went on in various ways to imply whatever new "British jobs" were created had been taken by foreigners.

    Reasonable people may debate whether the language in these articles is inflammatory, but no one can deny that they are all in some way inaccurate. In their desperation to define the "other" all three papers mistake nationality for place of birth. To be born outside the UK does not make you foreign. If it does then Paddy Ashdown, George Orwell, Rudyard Kipling, Cliff Richard, Spike Milligan, Joanna Lumley and Prince Philip would have to be cast out of the national story.

    Given all made the same mistake, this was no mere semantic mix-up – it reflects a mind-set. Nor is the distinction a matter of pedantry. An error in the language presages an error in the facts. The ONS figures actually show a tiny rise in the employment of Britons of 4,000 between this year and last and a more sizable jump in the employment of foreigners of 97,000 (4.2%). The second half of the Mail headline should have read: "The number of Britons with jobs stalls".

    Nonetheless the broad trend these papers describe is accurate. The lion's share of the rise in employment over the last year can be accounted for by the increase in non-British citizens finding work. The trouble is, by itself this does not tell us an awful lot about "new" jobs or how immigrants are faring in the job market compared with Britons.

    And the tragedy of this is that even the likes of you, a Black Brit and child of immigrants believe the lies the tabloid papers tell you.

    There is not enough space for me to go into why I think it is not only of great benefit to be part of the EU and why it is essential to stay in Europe but I will put this one thought to you. There are currently 5.5 million Brits living abroad, 6 million, if you count those who are just doing so temporarily. If Britain become radically anti immigration it is only reasonable to believe other countries will reciprocate which will add another 6 million to the current unemployment figures in the UK, far more than the number your suggested policies would allow us to evict from the UK.

  • tom
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    1 decade ago

    We should stay in the EU. The reason people want to be out of the EU are that the British media is controlled by Americans and right wingers who don't want to see the EU become a powerful based. The other reason is that the EU is controlled by the French and the Germans and the British do not have the guts to try and take the reigns of the EU and turn it into a proper economic powerhouse.

    Immigration needs to be limited to a certain extent. Immigration acts as a valve, so when the economy is doing well, we need more workers, when it is doing badly, we need them to go away, problem is they don't seem to always go, However the MAIN problem with immigration is not anything to do with the immigrants themselves, it is actually to do with out welfare system which allows people to get money before they have put anything in. So there are lots of British people unwilling to work, so we need immigrants to do the job instead. Sort out the welfare system and immigration will be less of an issue.

    The fact that "you heard" tat immigrants are taking the majority of the jobs at this time shows that a lot of anger is not based on anything. The black female candidate in the Labour race made some comment, but she'll never become leader of Labour, but because she is too left wing, rather than any other consideration. But then again, if a polish person can come over here and get a job in the middle of the economic crisis within a week, what does that say about british workers?

    Multi-cultural is a term that is a little strange. Because a few generations down the line people change and become British. But again, it is about the welfare state. No one should be able t claim before they have put anything in, so that would stop people from other countries coming here and claiming money to which they should not be entitled!

    Britain is independent, and it does maintain border control.

  • 5 years ago

    We should leave the EU because it is not what was voted for in the 1970's. The whole thing is a dictatorship run by unelected officials who earn more that our PM. The EU's main aim is to remove England from the map, an ideal that is totally backed by NuLabour which is dictated to by the Scottish labour leaders. We should leave tomorrow and take our money with us. The constitution was imposed both by Brussels and by the traitorous Brown and his government against the wishes of 80% of the population. I would say that if the Tories had a referendum on our exiting the dangerous dictatorship we would be out and there is nothing that Brussels can do about it. If they stop trading they lose out as the 50% of trade with Europe is 40% from Europe and 10% to Europe. As to joining anything else why bother the politicians would merely change that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am a bit sceptical of the EU in it's current state (even though they are improving... a lot now), but the EU is the way forward.

    We benefit from the EU economically, and in the future our defence and policing will be even more effective with the cooperation with our european allies. There are so many benefits the EU gives us... especially as a trading nation.

    As for immigration, the policies we have on immigration benefits everyone in Europe because people can move freely and do jobs for business abroad without any hassle.

    We have about a million Europeans in the UK, and the same amount of Brits are currently living in other parts of Europe (it works both ways).

    Source(s): Also the argument that the EU is undemocratic... a load of nonsense, it is a parliamentary democracy.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The United Kingdom and Germany should leave the EU and Germany should go back to Deutschmarks.

    I'm glad the UK kept Pounds and didn't change to Euros.

  • 1 decade ago

    We should never have gone into the E.U. and now should definitely pull out, as for mass immigration it can only cause trouble. We need to know who and what standard of immigrants are allowed in if only to get some contribution to the country. Just being here is not good enough, most other countries expect skills and the ability to support yourself before allowing you to stay in their country.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get out of the EU

  • amilo
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    1 decade ago

    F*ck the EU

  • 1 decade ago

    how can u compete without the EU

    yea border control needs to start!!! especially to keep out all the illegal pakis and north Africans

    but europe NEEDS EU if they wanna compete with china, india, u.s, brazil.... but if u want those nations controlling the world and telling u what u can and cant do, then i guess u dont need EU

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We should be taken out of the EU

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