Tenerife, anyone recommend a nice hotel in playa de las americas?

Its such a minefield i have no idea what hotel to go for!

I would be grateful if anyone has had a previous good experience at a hotel in playa de las americas that they can recommend and tell me a bit about! I would prefer a 4* and half board or all inclusive.

Also can anyone tell me if you can visit Loro parque from here?

Thanks in advance!!


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    There are loads of great hotels here in Tenerife.The one that springs to mind is the BAhia Del Duque over in Fanabe Costa Adeje area.If you want good quality hotels i would say that Costa Adeje has the best selection.

    The Loro Parque is about 1. 15 mins drive from the South of the island and is a MUST .The Siam park in the South is a great water park and a lovely setting.You can buy individual or twin tickets online .

    Source(s): www.loroparque.com http://www.bahia-duque.com/index.php/hotel_en
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    it is a challenge but look on tripadvisor. Central Las Americas is the older and rowdy bit, areas such as Torviscas are a bit further from the beach but quieter. If you are wanting all inclusive then presumably you aren't planning to leave the hotel much so location doesn't matter. Torviscas is up hills, bisected by the motorway, so find a map of Las Americas and look for somewhere a little bit away from the main road. You get spectacular views from high up, great sunsets with La Gomera visible.

    Los Cristianos is another possibility, less hilly (and hence popular with the elderly) and quieter.

    Loro Parque is on the north coast of Tenerife, near Puerto de La Cruz. There are plenty of day trips or you can rent a car. I think it is about a two hour drive each way. Tenerife has a good bus service. Don't miss a trip up to the volcano, you can do it on the public bus service.

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    In Tenerife you certainly can do such a thing you feel like any time of the year thanks to their weather, organic surroundings and tourist infrastructure made for enjoyment for all the household which means this place is an ideal area for a good holiday and with hotelbye you will get it. In Tenerife are plenty of points waiting for you really to discover and one of those is in the south west shore of Tenerife. A place that is a spectacular location for seeing whales free in the ocean. As much as 26 species are observed only down the coast, including baleen whales, monster whales, dolphins, pilot whales and even blue whales. In Tenerife you will even see The Teide National Park. At 3,718 metres, Teide volcano is Spain's best top and its two ecosystems make the rise an experience high in contrasts.

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    Probably the best area to look sat is Costa Adeje area where the majority of the nice hotels are located. Hotels do vary on price and this obviously has to come into your plan so take a look at a website which feature hotels in tenerife and get a feel for the standard and prices. A good site is holidayroomsdirect.com and a good site to compare up to 30 specialist travel websites and provide 1 list of results is online travel discounts.

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    There are plenty of hotels in PLDA and you can get to Loro Park easily from any where on Tenerife.


    H10 Conquistador - superb location on the front, near to every thing, good hotel.

    La Siesta - over the road from Conquistador.



    All these are good hotels and well located.

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    The H10 Las Palmeras is a very nice hotel in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife. But i cannot answer your question on Loro parque :) here is the link for more info http://www.expressbookers.co.uk/canary-islands/pla...

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