syriana (george clooney) US weapons deal with saudi arabia?

Syriana (george clooney) US weapons deal with saudi arabia?

in syriana, saudi arabia seemingly was forced to buy second grade weapons from the usa for sky high prices in order for the president of the usa to lower unemployment in the states through jobs in the military. the exact quote is:your president calls my father and says, "I've got unemployment in Texas, Kansas, Washington State". One phone call later we're stealing out of our social

programmes to buy overprices airplanes. We owed the Americans - but we've repaid that debt. I accepted a Chinese bid - the highest bid. And suddenly I'm a terrorist.''

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This is way too perfect a macth to the ongoing situation in which the obama administration is announcing 'record arm sales',…


the saudis are buying rubbish equipment and planes without long range missiles and outdated techonology for 60 billion?? at a time of usa unemployment AND senate primaries around the corner?? all in the name of 'war against iran'' i think this stinkss of conspiracy.

not conspiracy per se, but this is wrong, stealing money from one country just to fund youre own. what do you all think, am i overreacting and reading too much into it.???

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    9 years ago
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    The Syriana scenario (all of it) has been going on non-stop for the last 20 years (since the first gulf war). See my answer to this related question:;_ylt=ApJop...

  • Chey
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    9 years ago

    OVER REACTING << High>>

    Both you and your first poster are WRONG..We will put our people to work to build the 84 NEW F-15 fighter jets.

    A few helicopter's Black Hawk and the missile-toting Apache with some k*ll** toys on board.

    Saudi does not need long range missiles..No conspiracy just usual World Power Governments trading toys and such..oil,air fields,information,water ways,you know the drill right?

    We will do what it takes to give billions of people our support for there lives even if you think its a bad idea. Policy is set to protect interest in the Middle east.

    Besides the Saudi pilots need new war planes to protect themselves from Iran.

    Nothing new American and Saudi relations make sense. Saudi Arabia large progressive military prepared (yes we train them) Islamic nation out to protect interest in the middle east.

    ahh lets see oh yes history with Saudi Arabia since what 1930's yep, need to let them protect there own interest with our military aircraft its a good idea.

  • 9 years ago

    Saudi Arabia is an American puppet

    Saudi Arabia buys weapons of us,created jobs and money for Military industrial Complex and Gives America more money to research more weapons

    then gives the weapons back to us which we then use to Occupy Saudi Arabia with a dozen Military bases and keep the Royal Dictatorship in Power

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