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My goldfish has missing scales...?

My poor little gold fish i got at a carnival kind of thing is missing like 7 scales on each side. WTF? I've had him for a year .. and his tank is clean (I put water conditioner in and nothing changed) and I feed him. What do I do?

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    Is there anything in the tank where he could have injured himself? or other fish?

    If you can rule out physical damage then look for white cysts/nodules in the gills. It's possible Myxosporidiosis could be the culprit.

    There is no treatment , but it can be controlled with more frequent water changes and improved aeration.

    If that doesn't look to be the case look at where the scales are missing for sores or white lumps. It could be Columnaris.

    Again water changes and feed anti biotic food.


    This may help

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