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Christians, another christian said this to me earlier, do you agree with him on this?

On another forum a christian was saying things that did not sound christian to me. At least not the way I remember it from my childhood. So he explained how he is a true christian to me. So does this sound right to you? Have things changed in christianity? Here is what he said to me:

"the truth is that I no longer attend church, and my education is of a scientific background, so I view at least 90% of the old and new testaments to be allegory (no offense to anyone who may take it more literally that I do). I thought I explained this once long ago, but the christian faith I was brought up in is the united methodist church, an extremely liberal-minded, all-inclusive, come-as-you-are version of the christian faith. we were never once told that we would burn in hell for our sins or transgressions....not once. many in the church didn't even believe in hell. we were allowed to ask questions like 'if the bible says the earth is 7,000 years old, then how can scientists be finding dinosaur bones from millions of years ago?'....I asked that question myself when I was just a kid in sunday school, and the answer was (paraphrased) 'people didn't know about dinosaurs back then, they were just trying to answer some of life's big questions, but they didn't yet know the things that we know'. it was a very positive environment, and it promoted individual thought, not the kind of mind-control that some churches do indeed engage in.

my only point is that despite what you or others may believe, all christians are not alike. neither do they all believe the same thing. there are many free-thiinkers and intellectuals who are christians, or who at least identify with the essence of the faith. to refuse to consider that as at least a possibility is to be closed-minded. to maintain the belief that all christians are alike (ie - the fire & brimstone, you're going-to-burn-in-hell types) is to unfairly judge. "

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    He sounds like most of the christians that I deal with each day.

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    I think that the important part is this;

    "my only point is that despite what you or others may believe, all christians are not alike."

    I agree that there are a huge range of beliefs and people within the Christian faith. In fact, there are a huge range of beliefs and people in ALL faiths. People often base their understanding of a religion on scare stories and their own childhood experiences. I'm not sure that christianity has changed since you were a kid but perhaps you only saw one aspect.

    Certainly, when I was growing up in a UK church school (i'm in my thirties now) , I was taught to consider the old testament as an allegory, not literally and I don't remember much fire and brimstone.

    Source(s): Non-christian now but brought up church of England
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    Any true Christian church does not close itself from the reality of life and history. The New Testament defines how people, who are still free agents, should live in harmony, recognizing that there is a superior being, God, caring for them.

    If somebody or some faction of a church takes every word of the Bible as a divine dictate, they are limiting the divine intent of Christianity.

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    I disagree with everything that person said. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through him. Read your Bible. There is a hell just as there is a heaven. I also do not believe what so called scientists say about the dinosaurs. They are mentioned in the Bible and dating methods are flawed just as the evolution theory cannot be proven. There is micoevolution but there is not macroevolution.

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    Your friend is an open minded Christian.

    It is possible to believe in God and Jesus, but also to have an open view.


    Quite a lot of the bible could be metaphorical.

    Quite a lot of the bible could have come from myth.

    Quite a lot of the bible could have been written by man for man.

    It is very possible to be a Christian as well as having the above views.

    God cold have created the world and sent his son for our salvation but the above 3 statements could be "true".

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    It's hard to say.

    I don't know, the main question is " Can you believe in logics and still be a Christian"

    I am a Christian by the way.

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    Personally, i don't agree. I've never heard that one before and, i'm young and that's not the way we're taught, to view the bible scientifically. what is this?!

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    Some of the things he said are true, most of it is baloney. Here's my advice neighbor, don't put too much stock in anyone who claims to be a 'true' Christian. Any one of us ( I am a follower of Christ too neighbor) that stands on a pedestal and proclaims how true we are, and how much we know, and how little anyone else knows, is merely waiting to have the rug pulled out from under us.

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    you would be hard pressed to find a church that is like the media portrayal of evangelicalism that was prominent in the early 20th century in america

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    Simple people always look up on those who talk bullshit.

    I hope you don't buy his crab. You don't sound simple, maybe a little foolish.

    Any one with commonsense will tell you that this guy is manipulating himself in guilt.

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