Guys, do you sometimes wish the girl that rejected you would feel what she did to you?

Now hear me out. I find getting rejected by a really attractive girl to be one of the most painful experiences in a man's life. The pain is all-consuming. You feel like blowing up the moon. Women really have no clue how devastating their cursory decision feels. It's on par with losing a baby, since the way I see it the beautiful girl is rejecting your very essence and denying you the possibility of ever reproducing through her... and giving that right to a competitor. This is why it is much, much worse when a man is rejected. When pretty girls turn a guy down the other males like to broadcast that to the remaining females to peg him as an ugly loser. It's a heartless world with these girls. On top of that once you are rejected you not only think about all the other guys the hot chick will bang, but also your entire history of rejection creating a horrible cascade of envy. This is why we find so many young men going through their twenties dateless, angry and in perpetual singlehood. The prettiest of the females have so much power over male status that huge groups of men get frozen out of the dating game due to their fickleness. This is why I wish sometimes I could make women feel the absolute despair they inspire when they reject.

Additional: When a guy gets rejected and everyone knows that's it, he gets marked as a loser by the remaining females and is doomed to go find a new social circle or no sex (fat chicks, busted chicks, DO NOT COUNT) This is why I can't stand it when women say they're depressed when they can literally walk into an office building and have sex with a millionaire to perk up their self-esteem. Women are the gatekeepers of pleasure and put on idiotic histrionics when faced with a situation that lowers the value of their sex (i.e. not having the full attention of a football player with their personality alone)

If attractive women were forced to feel the crushing misery that males went through I suspect most of them wouldn't be able to live. I fantasize about developing an emotion simulator that would allow me to beam my emotions into others. I would just one day love to see if pretty women could handle the devastating feelings they illicit in men without resorting to self-annihilation. We'll see who's the crybaby then.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I dont know what girls you're talking about but not all girls are like that and its rude to clump them all together. and ive felt the "crushing misery" from a guy, and im handling it, it sucks just as much for girls as it does for guys

  • 9 years ago

    Yet they still want us to ask them out.

    I say let them come to us. If they like us enough they should be the one to make the first move. Realistically it all comes down to them. If we ask them and they don't like us we get rejected. If they ask us first more times than not we will say yes. They are the ones who have to show interest otherwise we have no chance. A man can only go so far but if the woman does not approve no progress will be made. Once again, it all comes down to them because they make the final decision.

    There are other obstacles us guys have to go through like mixed signals and mind games from them and what not. To ensure the success rate of actually finding someone who loves you back as much as you love her, she will have to be the one that show you the love she has for you first. Then and only then you will know for sure she is for real.

    BTW, if it makes you feel any better I too am sick of all this bullshit from them and rejected a hot girl once. I'm pretty sure she is now feeling exactly how you're feeling. I'm not a mean guy by any stretch of the imagination. I had many good reasons why I rejected her. It served her right!

  • 9 years ago

    haha naw~ y wish "bad" for ppl not their fault they dont like u back rightt =/? i usally change myself in a way and find out thy like me afterwards buht i move on~ thats how i see it , if they couldnt take me as my old unimproved form they dont deserve me as my new form this way i can tell love from lust! Just move on and dont wish "bad" for others!

    ~ive been rejected too!

    buht we're still friends ahah =P

  • 9 years ago

    With me I feel in the same boat as you as 'm a girl I hat eguys rejeting me........ Trust me t hurts

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