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Toy Blair says the hundreds of years with Sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants MUST END!?

Toy Blair says that violence in the England is far worse then which is in Ireland and Iraq with terrorism carried out by Catholic Priests, the Queen and barbaric drunk allies must come to an end, he blames the core problem with the two faiths is competition over homosexual tendencies with young boys and Gay pseudo satanism.

Blair says "we have focused too much on Islam and oil way too long to ignore the behavior of our own hypocritical society and our own history with religious dominance, this hypocrisy has a price and is a threat to peace in the UK and so must come to an end!",. keeping it in Ireland is a TV myth while our streets are fool of try sexual hooligans.

Blair hopes that his facebook and tweets will reach out to both Catholic and Protestants alike to bring about a new generation on peace talks between the two and also flush out homosexuality from behind the scenes and into the open, Blair promises to provide condoms, ban bombs an hand guns in the UK and Ireland, as well as sex slavery, he also added that confronting the Queen and Prince over tax reforms will have the final blow on the sectarian violence he blames on Homosexuality with straight pretenses!

Blair himself is not a Muslim.


By the way, the question always seems to be if this is the dam truth!

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    poor Toy Blair, he just can not help it, a career as charlatan

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    I think you are missing a fundamental point, the war in Ireland that has erupted over a period of several hundred years has been between Irish rebels under a guise of various names and the british crown forces. It has been the british government that has pushed the line that it was a religious war. the battle lines in the recent campaign indeed were muddied and it would take a long time to educate people who don't wholly grasp the situation, I am not saying it is your fault for not completely understanding because the british government were experts in mis-information but we should never help them in this by calling it a religious war.

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    For some of the followers of the Protestant Reformers, it may have been misunderstanding for them (or just pressure from the German and English monarchs) that caused them to convert to Protestantism, because in many places, they remained very Catholic minded. Luther however didn't simply "misunderstand" as the moves he made to too many in the same direction to be anything but calculated ; - add the word "alleine" (German for "alone") to Romans 3:28 to make it say "faith alone" - trying to remove The Book of James, the *only* place that has "faith alone" in it, from The Bible because it says "we are *not* saved by faith alone" and "To him therefore who knoweth to do good, and doth it not, to him it is sin." - Luther removed seven books of the OT and tried to remove another three from the NT because the contested his doctrines.

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    Blair is a hypocrite, liar, charlatan, led us by the nose, got us into a mess, then promptly dumped us, and ran off to his friends in USA. He has now cancelled his book signing in London, because he knows he will get worse than what happened in Ireland.

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    We have to give him some credit for admitting the truth to all this dont ah oui?

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    Why won't Blair take the hint and do one.

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    WOW, that's strong,but at least he recognises the problems in the UK with the British(not immigrants) and why didn't he tackle these problems when he was prime minister

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    What about the Mrs Behavior on his part?

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    And your rant/point is what exactly? Am I safe to assume you mean the troubles in Ireland? Well if it is then you're right it should end. There is fault on both sides.

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    Where did he say this ?

    "fool of try sexual hooligans" lol

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