What would studying university in canada require?

I'm 17, 18 in december, currently doing A2 in English, Biology and P.E, in a north london 6th form (southgate 6th form). I've recently spent my last summer holidays in canada, and am seriously considering studying there. What would be required for me to study biology in a canadian university in Vancouver, BC (Simon Fraser University). Or would it not be possible? I've checked the typical costs, but other than the prices, would i need to be a canadian citizen? need a visa? etc etc

Thank you! =)

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    10 years ago
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  • 3 years ago

    In Canada desire a medical certificates. eire a certificates is needed from an authorized medical Practitioner to substantiate that the pupil is in finished well being. France is a similar yet while your there you will would desire to submit to an different medical examination by French well being care expert. you will would desire to ascertain this out with each and each united states of america in the ecu. some you like an X ray to confirm you haven't any longer have been given TB. in the experience that your no longer from an ecu united states of america or from Asia, Africa greater possibly you will would desire to have medical verify.

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