How to dress appropriately for work?

I work as a receptionist or front desk agent on the night shift at a large conference center. Our dress code consists of black pants or skirt, black blazer (Mandatory) and white top.

I started to work there in May, and as soon as I was hired, I went to buy my clothes. My white tops at the time fit very well and were completely appropriate for the job. I wear white tank tops under my blazer because I tend to get hot quite easily and become sweaty (even if I do wear a deodorant AND an anti-persperant every day). Since I have been hired though, I gained about 15 to 20 pounds. My blazer is tight and my white tops are now more revealing then acceptable. Its embarrassing and frustrating. I have received a warning from my manager saying there were complaints about it. She told me that I now have to wear a collared shirt to work, which makes sense, of course.

I work a minimum wage job and on average I only really get about 3 shifts per week. I commute to university (one hour car ride just to get there) twice a week, and I live on my own. So the budget is very tight... I'm actually in the negative most months.

The tops I bought for work were about 5$ each when I got them... they are cotton and breath very well.

On the other hand, collared shirts are minimum 20$ each in all the stores I looked. And no size seems to fit my bust line correctly. They are tight at the bustline and the arms and very big everywhere else. I feel like a stuffed sausage in those things! Why are the sleeves so tight??

Anyways, If anyone has any fashion advice or suggestions, possible not too costly so I don't break the bank over it.

(And yes, I have been going to the gym and I'm working on it..., but I need to remedy to the clothes thing immediately)

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    In the US if a company requires a uniform they have to supply it or reimburse you for it.

  • 4 years ago

    if there is a dress code as long as it is among those allowed by the dress code it is safe

  • 4 years ago

    mini skirt without underwear

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