1996 Lexus ls400 wanders left and right and the suspension feels loose when braking at low and high speeds but?

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it goes straight on the road, took it to a big National Tire Chain and did an oil change and got a free alignment and brake inspection and they told me its a rear wheel bearing. Would ...show more
Update : BTW, thats the rear that feels this way, front seems fine.
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  • Chris answered 4 years ago
Wheel bearings are only known to make a howling noise when shifting the vehicles weight from side to side(think of a controlled swerving). I would recommend taking your car to a shop that has people who have been trained to work on Lexus', not a tire garage..


Certified BMW Technician
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  • Gary answered 4 years ago
    I presume rear wheel drive, Possibilities are various ,check universal joints on drive shaft, bushings on rear assemblies that fasten to frame and rear end. Usually bad wheel brg will make bad rumbling sound. Also check rear trans mount.


    ASE master auto tech ret.
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  • Hsiang T answered 4 years ago
    14years old, the suspension is probably shot.

    How does it feel making a swerve maneuver? I bet it is wandering?

    You probably should start with a complete suspension refresh (i.e. new shocks).
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