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How do you define trauma?

I don't mean a dictionary definition, I mean would you include low level, but prolonged abuse for example? What about self inflicted mental trauma, like having such severely low self esteem that you abuse yourself be it physically or mentally, or things that are your fault...

I want to know how YOU define it. Not Google.

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    I think you could definitely be traumatized by long periods of abuse. Inflicting self harm stems from the suffering, or inability to cope with certain negative incidents or experiences forced upon a person.

    I think trauma is being physically, and emotionally violated. It is the after effects that you find difficult to live with and cripples you into dysfunction. Trauma such as: rape, child abuse, any violent act forced upon oneself that is not the "norm" and that individual suffers from is trauma. Whether it be physical or emotional.

    Just want to mention, that having low self esteem, or engaging in self harm, is not that persons fault. Traumatic events cause people to feel guilty and feel responsible for actions that were beyond their control. Many people blame themselves, which is the end result of some form of trauma.

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  • Anonymous
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    any sad, bad, nasty, mean thing that happens to a person maybe a trauma to that individual.

    some cope better than others, what may be a trauma to one, may be water off a ducks back to another.

    trauma is something that affects me in a negative way

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    Uncontrolled severe stress

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