How to deal with an ungrateful brother?

My brother is moving out.

His Plans:

1. moving in with a friend

2. no money

3. no job

4. no transportation

5. apparently the girlfriend can visit any time

He moved in with his friends family today, he even took his bed. I'm asking him how this will work?

Before he left my Dad said don't go here's a plan:

1. find a job

2. I'll help you get a car for transportation

3. once you have established your finances you can move in with your friend

4. you can only have your girlfriend over 3 times per week and she needs to leave by 11pm

Can someone explain to me why he didn't listen to my Dad?

I just broke it down this way so it's not long and easier to digest.

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    It sounds like having the girlfriend over is the hot-button issue. It probably won't last if he doesn't have his life in order.

    There are some lessons that we can only learn by screwing things up...this seems to be one of them. You have to let him live his life and find out for himself that being out on his own with no plan is not sustainable. If he can manage to find a way to fend for himself, then good for him. If not, then he'll come back and have to deal with authority until he's ready to be on his own.

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    1 decade ago

    I think the reason he didn't listen to your dad was your father's first part of his plan "1. find a job".

    I don't think your brother liked that part of the plan, because then he'd actually have to do something.

  • no one that is normal, can or will listen to there parents, cause there annoying! if hes 18 ligally he can do what ever he wants, he doesnt have to lisen to them anymore, so if he decides to move in with his friends and have his girlfriend over when ever he wants he can. your parents cant control him! and i wanna know what makes you think he is ungreatful. and what makes u believe that you can control him! he can move out over 18 wen ever he wants! my oldest sister left as soon as she turned 18 my other sister ran away at 16 came back for 2 months and ran to her friend till she was 17 as soon as she turned 18 she was out of there! my brother moved out when he was 32 cause he was in college until he was 29 and now hes a doctor and he is married with 2 kids let him do what he wants and dont be a b*tch about it cause i know as soon as i turn 18 im moving to a dorm till im out of college and then im movin back in till i get a job and get an apartment

  • It seems to me that he's lazy. He probably didn't want to get a job and actually work for things.

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