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I have 6 computers and 1 broad band connected in a Lan network. How to share internet with all computers .?

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    You need at least a 6 port router, preferable a wireless one.

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    The router and switch route is probably good enough. If you have 6 PCs then you probably already have a switch connecting them together. You just need a cable going from the switch to the router.

    The addition of a router connected to a broadband link will give you internet access.

    Beware: most broadband routers are really a mix of router and switch and connecting a switch to a switch in theory needs a crossover cable. Many switches handle this automatically, some one have one port assigned for up-linking to another switch. Some have a button that changes between a normal port and an uplink port, some need to be configured.

    Some things to note:

    how are your PCs getting an IP address. The router will have a DHCP server built in, so if you already have a DHCP server on your LAN then you need to choose which one to use and switch the other one off, you cannot have 2 DHCP servers on the same network.

    The router must be on the same IP network as the rest of the PCs. The easiest way to achieve this is to let the router handle the DHCP.

    the router will be your default gateway, so you need to configure the PCs with that information, either by using the DHCP server or manually if you are using static addresses.

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    If they are all wired computers, since most routers only come with 4 ethernet ports, get a router and a wired switch, 5 port would be enough, connect the switch to one of the ports on the router and connect the extra computers to the remaining ports on the switch. The router is capable of dealing with far more devices than it has physical ports for, I have done this before, it works just fine.

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    Yes, you can share the internet on the network by using proxy or by using internet sharing by network

    option 1- go to google and download "Analog-x" it is a proxy and install it on the pc where you have connected the broadband and start the proxy and note the proxy port number as it may be 8086.

    now go a system in the network and in the internet explorer setting tab or internet options-connection-lan setting-use proxy server and feed the ip add of the proxy server and the port number you have noted on the proxy server. save and ok.

    now you should check that internet is running.

    option 2- it works if you have a static ip address.

    if you have static ip add then tell me and get your answer because option-2 is a long process.

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    You just need a 4 port router and a 4 port switch. Alternatively you can purchase a 8 port router but that is usually more expensive then the two units combined.

    Source(s): CT Quantum CCSvc. Networking documents
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    You just bring a HUB or SWITCH give the internet main cable to the switch and then from the switch take a cable and spread to the all the systems and the menshion the correct IP address to all the systems. Than u can access the internet.

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    connect broad band connection to any of the pc in the lan network using U.S.B/network

    cable and we can make that computer as a proxy server.note:-if your connecting broad band

    using network cable , u need two network card to share internet


    you gust put the i.p and connect a p.c to p.c

    and you connect l.a.n cable to one p.c anther p.c 's

    then you chuck net connection

    good question best of luck

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    U need a 7 port SWITCH. 1 port for input and 6 for output. since 7 port switch aren't manufactured, so u need to buy a 8-port switch, will cost u around Rs.600. also get 7 crossed UTP cables.

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    Yes...its possibe

    U have 2 Options

    Option1 :


    connect brodband connection to any of the pc in the lan network using usb/network cable and we can make that computer as a proxy server.

    note:-if your connectiong brodband using network cable , u need two network card to share internet

    simply u can install any proxy server software to share this internet connection (trail)

    or (freeware)

    for more details

    Option 2


    Connect your broadband modem+router directly to 8 port switch and enable a DHCP server in Router

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    You would need to buy an additional router with enough ports to connect each PC, you can also use a wireless connection if any of them have that capability.

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