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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

Character names help please?

I'm writing a book but I can't think of any character names. Please help :)

Character 1- The main character. Really pretty and popular, yet really nice. Into football and is secretly a lesbian.

Character 2- The main character's Mom. A former model who wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

Character 3- The main character's Dad. A former football player who just wants his daughter to be happy.

Character 4- The main character's Auntie, who is a lesbian and secretly helps the girl through her sexuality confusion. Really nice. Dad's sister, not Mom's.

Character 5- The main character's supposed best friend, who really only hangs round with her for popularity.

Character 6- A popular guy who has a crush on the main character. Is a bit of a player and has broke many hearts.

Character 7- The main character's Mom's friend's son. Quite fat and unpopular; get's teased a lot by boy's such as character 6.

Character 8- Lesbian girl. Quite butch. Plays for the football team also. Independent and hangs around by herself.

Please could you provide first and last names? Thankyou :)

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    Character 1: Reagan, Bethany, Samantha, Christine, Caitlin, Kate, Leonila, Alexandra

    Character 2: Cynthia, Grace, Gwenyth, Cassandra, Daphne, Olivia

    Character 3: Charlie, Gordon, Neal, Wayne, Colin

    Character 4: Lizzie, Annie, Meg, Corinne, Maggie, Connie

    Family Last name: Brody, Kirkwood, Newell, Lovett, Adams, Whitman

    Character 5: Shannon, Iris, Ivy, Sophie, Maddie; surnames: George, Parsons, Billings, Hanover, Mueller, Compton, Nelson, Davis, Davies

    Character 6: Rhys, Tom, Nigel, Connor, Danny, Geoff, Jordan; surnames: Welles, Kingston, Kingsbury, Dempsey, Donovan, Pearce

    Character 7: Geoffrey, Alfie, Alan, Gregory, Harry, Damien; surname: Hutchins, Woods, Ames, Baines, Lowell, Thorton

    Character 8: Darcy, Maxine aka Max, AJ, Petra aka Pete, Hannah, Keri, Erin, Lee/Leigh, Danielle aka Dani, Josephine aka Jo, Jacqueline aka Jack; surnames: Waters, Wainwright, Griffin, Clancy, Dempsey, Simpson, Smith, Thompson, Talbot

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    Kristal Louise

    Jamie Evalynn

    Ivylise Judith

    Mariah Elisabeth

    Valerie Kathleen


    Catherine Rose

    Ivana Nicole

    Michelle Elyse

    Paulette Noelia

    Barbara Lauren

    Martha Brianne

    Rudy Lillian

    Alyssa Rose

    Lucille Maria


    Eric Daniel

    Lexander Robert

    Samuel Nicholas

    Aaron Leonard

    William Luis

    Marco Jean

    Giovanni Angelo

    Raymond Stanley

    Lexus Brian

    Wyatt Kenneth

    Kalvin Jason


    Beatrice Marie Carson

    Camille Frances Kennington

    Harriet Joanne Lexington

    Angelina Natalia Harrison

    Delilah Kathryn Jovial

    Carmen Olivia Dawson

    Patricia Dolores Infante

    Roseanne Mae Reyes


    Elexedy Joanne Rivers

    Joanna Beth Harvelle

    Toni Brianna Boyd

    Naixtza Grace Jameson

    Mariely Elena Winston

    Katerina Noelle Allen

    Luxianna Jayne Camacho

    Veronica Rose Jolie

    Samara Emeline Parra


    Dylan James Colt

    Daxter Robert Braxton

    Jaxon Evan Benson

    Evian Michael Lanson

    Dante Gabriel Lawson

    Simon Leonardo Stewart

    Hunter Blake Quinten

    Bryce Landon Dawnson

    Deuce Elias Henrickson

    Dustin Ryan Tobias

    Maxwell Daemon Cyrus


    Edgar Nelson Thompson

    Mitchell James Ortiz

    Eduardo Francis Martes

    Francisco Joel Matos

    Timothy Arnold Jagdeo

    Matthew Allen Kennedy

    Victor Samuel O'Brien

    Lawrence Nolan Fitzgerald

    William Eric Hanson

    Harold Michael Garrison

    Lorenzo Antonio Delgado

    Anthony Nicholas Pacheco

    Frederick Lionel Wellington

    Gregory Cristopher Smithers

    Walter Frank Brenard

    Stanley Ismael Stevenson


    Jordyn Leah Summers

    Alexis Amber Daniels

    Nicolette Marie Rivera

    Vivianne Sophia Holmes

    Audrey Rebecca Ryans

    Georgia Lauren Matthews

    Benita 'Benni' Cecile Cruz

    Angelique Faith Castillo

    Taylor Armani Jackson

    Danielle Jillian Parker

    Scarlette Ivy Quincy

    Priscilla Kiana Richardson

    Meghan Nina Dickinson

    Maybelline Emelia Sampson

    Surnames for #1 2 3



























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    1 decade ago


    Lyza Sutton

    Anastasia Chapman

    Varrah May

    Adalyn Ellison

    Cassidy Levy


    Maria Sutton

    Annesly Chapman

    Lia May

    Joanna Ellison

    Lanie Levy


    William Sutton

    Reece Chapman

    Thatcher May

    Beckett Ellison

    Keaton Levy


    Mary Ella Sutton

    Adah Chapman

    Calla May

    Anna Ellison

    Coralie Levy


    Elisabeth Wade

    Ellie Pace

    Louisa Griffin

    Maia Silver

    Kristen Michaelson


    Soren Cash

    York Trevino

    Kedric Wilcox

    Keenan Price

    Vance Warren


    Andrew Frederick

    Darius Bradley

    Andre Pope

    Avery Duke

    Cian Buchanan


    Lyza Jordan

    Tasia Kent

    Aria Reid

    Savannah Gray

    Sara Marie Channing

  • 1 decade ago

    Character 1- Sunset being the daughter of a model her name has to have a meaning and sunsets are beautiful.

    Character 2- Alexandria Models have those weird exotic names

    Character 3- Myles Ordinary guys that fall for exotically beautiful women

    Character 4- Lucy reminds me of an aunt who is fun to be with and kinda kooky.

    Character 5- Rose the kind of girls who are with you to look cool

    Character 6- Lane sounds like a cute guys name very athletic

    Character 7- Ben i know someone like this... never has been kissed

    Character 8-Zora its an intimidating name

    By the way i would love to read this book sounds interesting

  • 1 decade ago

    Sarah Sele

    Cathy Sele

    Ron Sele

    Rebecca Sele

    Angel Carillo

    Dean Davidson

    Eric Fleske

    Jaxine Hale

  • 1 decade ago

    1- Hazel Atwood

    2- Deborah Atwood

    3- Alan Atwood

    4- Florence Atwood

    5- Kelsey Henry

    6- Ben Lockridge

    7- Ethan Roper

    8- Rachel McClellan

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Nicole "Nikki" Long

    2. Marie Long

    3. Bud "Bulldozer" Long

    4. Grace Long

    5. Tori Nichelson

    6. Ray Newsbury

    7. George "Georgie" Jackson

    8. Tanya Sokoloff

  • 1 decade ago

    Character 1: Jessica, Chrystal, Jessie, Dawn, Savannah, last names: Robinson, Thomas, Jepp, Dean

    Character 2: Nancy, Carolyn, Sandra, Susan last names: Wrenn, Woods, Patrick, Jayson, Yonger

    Character 3: nick, dean, richard, rob, bill last names: richie, hilton, Jackson, portson

    character 4: Ellen, Kathy, Susan, Lee, Nicole last names: Wrenn, Whinfrey, banks,

    character 5: Christie, Miley, Amanda, Abigail last names: Moores, welles, o'donald, Holmes

    Character 6: Ashton, Nick, Cory,Ryan, Jake, James, Jack last names orloff, lazerwitz, Unger, Shorb

    Character 7: Nicky, Nelson, George, Owen, last names: lopez, campbell, Wilson, Marm

    Character 8: Lily, Hunter, Ann last names: Cole, Passmore, Kahn,

    hope i helped

    o and try baby name sights

  • 1 decade ago

    1) Sapphire Jade Jackson Jade being the middle name is not supposed to be known by loads of people

    2) Rosie Jade Jackson

    3) Theo Jade Jackson

    4) Claire Jade Jackson Or Grace Jade Jackson

    5) John Veto

    6) Joe Martin or Joe Fiorentini (pronounced fee-or-un-tee-nee)

    7) Oz Roper

    8) Rachel Jones

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So use random made up names until you think up better ones. Should take you about thirty seconds, if you're capable of making up a plot long enough for even a short story.

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