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Is soccer slowly becoming more popular than hockey in Canada?

I've noticed that soccer has been gaining ground among canadians for the past few years. I know some people who play soccer at a daily basis but have never played hockey in their entire life, and don't even know how to skate. One could say that soccer is mostly popular among young females in North America. but How long have we got until soccer outdoes hockey in popularity? I know it's much more popular than hockey is and will ever be in Europe and the rest of the world, But I'm talking about Canada here, as more kids seem to have been turning to soccer instead of choosing hockey.

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    For kids, soccer surpassed hockey for popularity in the 1960s (1968 to be exact).

    However, soccer registrations in Ontario have declined 13x in the last 17 has increased for 6 straight years.

    In 1993 there were 2.7 soccer players for every hockey player, last year the number was down to 2.3.

    Source(s): Ontario Ministry of Sport
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    You're talking about two different things. Recreational activities and spectator sports. As a recreational sport soccer has been more popular for a long, long time because it's cheap and simple to play. And less dangerous. That's why many more kids are in soccer than hockey yet fewer people stick with it. But in terms of what Canadians watch on TV... hockey is far more popular than soccer and it will be for a long time.

    It's true that I know many more people who were signed up for soccer than ice hockey when they were growing up. Myself included. But it's also true most of these same people today watch hockey and almost none of them watch soccer. Myself included.

  • Participation numbers reflect that there are a ton of kids playing soccer, mostly due to cost along with many minor hockey associations at their limit on the number of kids they can accommodate because of ice time (setting up some goalposts is a exponentially easier than building a new hockey rink); more kids want to play hockey than can, and this is despite costs that are through the roof.

    Soccer doesn't have this same issue so the growth is relatively easy and also reflective of our recent immigrants who may not be that familiar with hockey.

    However, among tv ratings- Toronto FC is at the bottom among Canadian professional sports franchises as to TV ratings and annual turnover. I don't know what will happen when Vancouver and Montreal start playing in MLS, but right now the sport seems about 15-20 years behind where it is with regard to our southern neighbours, who seem to be developing a fair bit of talent.

    Even in America their participation numbers don't really translate that well into viewing audiences; it seems like it's viewed as a good introductory sport and that's about it.

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    I always thought soccer was slightly more popular than hockey. At least where I live in Western Canada. I like hockey far more than soccer. But the reason to why people choose to play soccer more than hockey is probably the money. Hockey is much more expensive than soccer is. I have a friend who is both a major hockey and soccer fan but plays hockey. My brother likes and prefers soccer more, but still sits down and watches the Canucks play; however, I get bored watching soccer.

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    Soccer is popular in Canada but Hockey is our religion. Most people in Canada like hockey much more than soccer.

    Remember this:


    It will never change.

    Source(s): Native-Born Canadian.
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    I know that soccer is played more then hockey in Canada for kids.

    This might not be because soccer is more popular, but because soccer is so much more cheaper as you don't need piles of equipment. Plus soccer is more simpler as you don't need to learn how to skate.

    Personally I believe hockey is still #1, but soccer is catching up to it.

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    to: TDR8256, good points, BUT, Lacrosse is Canada's National sport. Hockey was not invented. A similar sport was played in Ireland, called Hurley. It was also played on ice. Canadians just refined the sport in Canada. Hockey evolved from students at McGill University in 1875.

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    Lol to martian this whole explination looks good maybe but to a person just no offense it sounds stupid sure soccer has been gaining more popularity in canada but it will never be hockey to canadian

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    Soccer is the most popular sport in Canada, as it is in most countries. There are more youth enrolled in soccer in the city of London Ontario, than there are enrolled in hockey in the entire country. But hockey is and always will be Canada's favourite past time. We live, breathe, eat and sleep hockey.

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    In Canada? Don't know what you're reading, but most kids DO play hockey in Canada.

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