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please help and reply asap, i got a wedding on tuesday i dont really want to go because i have nothing to wear and no money. but its my best mate and i cant let her down. i do have a maxi dress from jane norman. do u think this is sutible to wear?? and what could i wear with it to make it more weddy???? ahhh stressing so bad helppppppppppppppppp. thanx to all that help ;-)

sorry it wouldnt let me copy link but if u can type in on google 'palm print bandeau maxi dress' (green floral) be really greatfull

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    There's nothing wrong with wearing a maxi dress to a wedding-very suitable. It'll look fine just tie your hair up, wear high heels, jewelry and if you want; a flower in your hair.

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    Ah, a woman after my own heart...I too would be having a "hippy wedding ceremony," close to a funky little lake i got here upon. enable me assist you be responsive to, it extremely is the time of three hundred and sixty 5 days to hunt for the kind of gown you're speaking approximately, because of the fact they are everywhere! in basic terms purchase a superb, hippy-looking white or off-white sundress which will paintings on your wedding ceremony. Maxi-attire are in this summer, so which you will have not have been given any worry in any respect looking one in white. i replaced into SO fortunate, i got here upon my gown at Ross for like $7.50! i'm intense- i replaced into in basic terms there on completely unrelated buying employer and that i in basic terms observed this ideal white hippy sundress and that i replaced into like, "there is my wedding ceremony gown!" stable luck, and don't pay too plenty because defeats the hippy spirit. : )

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    yeah definitely. Wear your maxi dress with a pair of heels/wedges or sandals and wear a nice bangle or ring or a nice pair of earrings :)

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    I agree with iamthef......

    I tried to google to see the dress but it didn't work. You're going because it is your best mate - have fun.

    The best way to accessorise is with a smile!

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