Why Do People Get Embarrassed When Someone Accidentally Sees Their Underwear?

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Why is there so much fuss about people seeing your underwear. It's clothing. We could go in to any clothing store and see tons of the stuff on the shelves if we wanted to, so why ...show more
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I didn't think they did. I suppose if someone's accidentally seen your underwear it suggests you've had a wardrobe malfunction. If it really couldn't be helped - less embarrassment. If you don't care - no embarrassment. However, if someone sees your underwear by accident, because your fly is undone or your blouse popped open, it might be embarrassing the way a really bad hair day can be embarrassing. Because you don't have control over your appearance.

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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    back in the olden days any exposed undergarments meant you sold your body..
    sort of like back in the eighties if you see red patin stilettos with mesh stockings or knee high stiletto boots.. it meant you sold your body. Now it's an acceptable fashion trend.

    What I find most offensive is when I accidentally catch a sight of a thong.. and to think now thats also a fashion trend thongs for 12 year olds. Yikes!
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Its human nature..
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  • John answered 4 years ago
    Some people like drama and making big deal of small notion...
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  • C answered 4 years ago
    i dunno. me personally i just wear what i want where i want and how i want and don't really care about what the next m'fer thinks. the way i look at it is if they aren't paying my bills or engaging me in sex then i care less what they think. societal standards perpetuated from one generation to another
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  • Claireface answered 4 years ago
    I don't. I accidently see people naked and just act no different. Then again, I think that may be a reason people think I'm slightly strange. I just don't spend my time worrying about what others think or getting awkward or embarassed.
    It's so much easier to just not give a crap.
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