Why is homelessness worse in Europe then it is in the US?


KD - Maybe. That depends though. I'm sure that'd vary on the city and region.

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800 a month to do nothing? We got the same thing for foster care here. Like those parents really spend all that on the kids anyway.

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shl - I think you'd read any anti-American thing. Campers? Since when? I haven't seen that. The only bums I see in America are on the street corners. PTAs giving food? That's what a debit swipe card (food stamps) is for.

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No, but those who are opposed to our views will call it brainwashing. Isn't that what people naturally do? I look at all information though. But my views are not going to changed but what I don't agree with.

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    Care to give us a reputable link for this? The only reference I could find was on Liveleak with an article that seemed to be referenced to something called the Bilderberberg-Network. Not exactly an unbiased or academic source.

    What we are really talking about here is methodology in defining poverty and homelessness and methods of collecting and measuring statistical data. In other words what we in Europe and you in the US define as homeless are two different things.

    Foreclosures in the US and people being forced to leave their homes in the US are soaring in comparison to Europe. We don't see "tent cities", people living in campers and cars too often in Europe. A third of our families are not yet dependent on charitable handouts of food to survive. Schoolkids are not given backpacks of food donated by their teachers and PTAs so they actually have something to eat over the weekend.

    You might benefit from reading something like the Huffington Post and their series on Third World America:


    You are obviously pretty selective in what you choose to see, watch and read.

    In the USSR people had only one source of information - the State. But the Russians knew they were being brainwashed.

    You people on the right in the US seem to choose only to see, watch and read what reinforces your views. Is that not a form of brainwashing?

    Food Stamps? Barbaric, degrading system. We have nothing like it in Europe. Do you know that 37 million of your fellow American citizens are dependent on charitable handouts to stave off hunger?

    By the way, are your political views so fragile that they will crumble just because you read something that gives what you consider to be an opposing point of view?

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    umm I think its the is well hidden though. have you gone by the White House? MAD BUMS ALL OVER!

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    Because America has more vacant homes and ghettos for the would be homeless people to dwell in.

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    Maybe the same reason why the BNP (englands version of the KKK) is a rising political party.

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    Are you serious? I highly doubt that.

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