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Where can I buy Sativex in the UK?

A member of my family suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and we know for a fact Sativex will help his pain, he has tried it and it works wonders, now he wants to buy it for regular use but the NHS doctors are not prescribing it, postcode lottery I guess, hence we want to buy it on a private prescription, can any one suggest a pharmacy?


Never mind, I found a pharmacy that does it, if anyone else needs this information, you can get it from www.oneclickpharmacy.co.uk.

Here is the link:


it is a genuine registered online pharmacy.

Thanks for your help.

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    I am not suggesting a pharmacy to you....

    But the best thing is to look around a lot of different pharmacies to find the best option - Ask pharmacists - even doctors - and they will help you.

    Good luck

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    Office, Converse shops, D2 £30 max.

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    just go and buy some cannabis, it will be a hell of a lot cheaper

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