How to become a rally driver?

Okay, lets assume I don't have a car or anything (I do but its a beater bonneville, so lets say I don't) but I do have the rest of my life ahead of me, a drivers license and $2000 along with a job that pays anywhere from $300 to $500 a week depending on overtime. From step one, which is sitting on my computer asking questions on yahoo answers, where do I go from there to become a rally driver? Assume I know nothing...

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    First do some research. Look for events or Rally Associations in your area. I would ask them for a rule book then go to an event and hang out in the pits , check out the cars and ask a lot of questions ( especially about budgets ) or even volunteer to help out. Then make a plan and start stashing some cash. Personally I opened an savings account specifically for my program and had payroll deductions put in each week. It's been building for just over two years so in the mean time I work on a couple of different teams to get experience and make contacts. Also during this time i've been getting all the stuff I need together. Trailer, Tools and pit equipment all my safety gear etc... and have done work on my truck so it be a good tow vehicle. All I need now is the car so over the winter i'll be looking to purchase and be on the track next season. Oh another thing i've done over the last year or so is work on getting sponsors interested by sending resumes having meetings and having potential sponsors come out to the races to see what it's all about. I have a least three solid commitments and two or three more that are really interested but are holding out for now. I've also made a few deals to get stuff like a couple cases of oil and someone to get rid of old tires, even a guy that will give me a case of Hot Dogs or Sausages to cook at the track each week :) So all thats left for me other then getting the car is to join the sanctioning body and pay my dues and have the car inspected when I get it. I hope this helps you out and good luck with your own program. Just remember " Keep Her Between The Ditches" Oh one last thing here's a site that will help you find cars, parts and equipment.

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    the first answer looks like a wall of text, but he has a lot of good points. i just didnt read it all because i have adhd.

    heres my version, i hope its easier to read.

    Step 1) save your money until you have upwards of 6000 dollars to freely spend. then,try to find any 4 wheel drive CAR. A good choice would be a Subaru Impreza, mitsubishi evo or Audi a4 quattro. do not sell your boneville, however.

    step 2) try to get a second job, or a higher paying job, in order to have money to modify your car to rally specifications, or repairs if necessary.

    3) try to get involved in any local rally community. You might even be able to get a job helping out another team. be sure to let them know you are interested in being a rally driver somewhere in the future as well. These people will have a wealth of information to get you on your way

    4) practice. Dont start out by driving down icy mountain roads. you have to start slow, just like when you were little and started walking. Before doing anything, you will probably want to get better tires as well as a higher suspension. Start by driving in dusty flat land (maybe if your family goes on vacation to arizona or something, you can take your car along). once you think you know your cars limits, start doing more challenging things. There may be local dirt tracks you can pay to have some time on (theres where your higher paying job comes in)

    5) be prepared. at some point in time you will break your car, whether its a flat tire or a tree in the front end. of all the money you make, you need to learn how to manage it, and to be entirely devoted into this. you may want to put 50% or more of your paycheck into the bank every week. you might be living in your parents house until you are 30, but if you really love what you are doing that wont matter.

    By time you get this far, i think things will fall into place as they go. Well at least i know you wont be following the advice of someone on yahoo answers by step 5.

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    i'm sixteen and that i'm a expert highway direction racer. i'm racing in SCCA and that i've got discovered to easily get to be attentive to persons at races and making your call famous then quickly you will locate opportunities. appropriate now i'm racing with Patrick Dempsey who purely provided me a rally driving force place. Racing is all approximately beginning small and development your way up. P.S i'm a woman so it replaced into much less complicated to get observed.

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